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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 07:53 AM
Number of posts: 10,115

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A bigoted mind cannot grasp reality.

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Let's remember to keep our perspective on things


We need a gov shut down law

A law that says if Congress and POTUS fail to fund the Congress, all congressmen, senators, and POTUS will not get paid. And if a shut down lasts longer than 2 weeks, they all get fined $50,000 or more. I can dream, can't I?

Why Trump hates and mistrusts foreign alliances

My theory is that Trump hates foreign alliances, because they imply that the US live up to its commitments and treaties. That the US pitch in with treasure and military to defend allies. The last thing that Trump wants is to be held accountable to a promise. No agreements, no commitments leaves him free to try to do whatever he likes without the obligation to hold up his end of an agreement.
"America First" is just another manifestation of his own "me first" and screw everyone else.

Why did Flynn lie?

Today everyone is asking, why did Gen Flynn lie? How about selling plutonium to Russia and Saudi Arabia to build nuclear reactors throughout the middle east is why! Think about that!


I no longer care if the Senate votes for impeachment

although I do want the House to vote a bill of impeachment. Trump is so compromised and hated, ridiculed every night on late TV that he will never get a 2nd term. After the Mueller report and the House investigation bring out more facts and evidence of Trump and GOP collusion, not voting to impeach will be the death knell of every GOP senator's career. Some are so involved and implicated (ya hear that Mitch?) that they may well have to resign before there's even an impeachment vote.

One thing is for sure that the GOP is chin deep in a sewer of every form of corruption possible. It is my hope that post-Trump, there will be renaissance of talk about ethical behavior. We hear from the GOP a lot of bullshit about law 'n' order, but when have you ever heard one of them talk about the self discipline of ethical behavior? When have you ever heard one of them talk about basic human decency? When have you ever heard one of them talk about the corruption of greed? Like no time, right?

So going forward, I shall be listening for which Dev POTUS candidates say something beyond empty platitudes about honor, decency, integrity, and ethical behavior. Which candidates will have a campaign platform that includes strengthening campaign finance laws? Which candidates eschew campaign contributions from corporate bad actors, pirates, and environment degraders? I hope that they all talk about this. We shall see.

2020 POTUS race

You folks can post all the polls you want for various imaginary POTUS tickets. But I'm not having any of it. I'm waiting for things to unfold and develop. I want to hear some speeches and debates. I want to see the outcomes of the first few primaries. I need more data and evidence. I want to visit websites and see what their published platforms. Know their top 3 domestic agendas.

Any one of them would be a gigantic welcome relief from the Trump nightmare.

Schumer socked it to Trump

Broadcast on MSNBC the WH meeting between Trump, Pelosi, and Schumer. Trump is such a F-ing bully. He continually interrupted Pelosi and Schumer with lies (of course). Bragged about how much of his wall has been built. I had to turn the sound off. That display must be what it has been like with everyone, who has tried to have an adult fact-based conversation with Trump. Is it any wonder why the rats are jumping ship?

How weird is it

that MSMedia is complimenting Trump on behaving himself (so far) during the Poppy Bush funeral events? Somewhere in his dimwit brain a small light went off about all the bad press and unflattering comparisons he got about with McCain's death and funeral.

We expect dignity and graciousness from our presidents at such times. The content of Poppy's funeral drama is not Trump's saga. I want to see Trump be the first to offer his handshake to the Bush boys and wives without his aggressive pull backwards and off balance move.

Can he do it? We shall see.

Trump business gets 30 subpoenas

this is big


2 more flush their reputations down the toilet

Gina Haspel overturned the apple cart today, when she testified to a secret congressional committee on the Khashoggi murder.

And now, it's perfectly clear for all too see how much Pompeo and Mattis have slimed themselkves. They have completely trashed their reputations for the benefit of #1-Individual. Some might say that they trashed their reputations long ago -- so there's that. Why can't these Republicans see that #1-Individual is poison, a completely depraved man, who slimes everyone in his orbit. (Never mind, that's a rhetorical question.)

The stupidity and depravity of Republicans in general, and Trump officials in particular is totally fascinating to me. Fascinated in the Buddhist way of "look at what you find repulsive." Over and over and over again, I keep getting these little pearls of wisdom about our governmental poverty of ethics and morality. Everyday, there's another story about government corruption and personal lack of integrity.

And now Wall St is saying, well no, there's really not a deal with China, as WH folks scramble to find an explanation about that. Are these high gov officials really that stupid? (another rhetorical ??). I would be embarrassed to tell lies that are so easily exposed. Wouldn't you be embarrassed to tell such obvious lies? I swear it's a soap opera.
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