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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 07:53 AM
Number of posts: 10,104

About Me

A bigoted mind cannot grasp reality.

Journal Archives

I don't get it! How can Republicans face their children

GOP congress critter after critter stood and denied that Trump did anything wrong, that impeachment was a Dem plot, that Dems were duplicitous and unfair, that impeachment was a long-planned coup. Lie after lie after lie. And I suspect they knew perfectly well that they were lying. I simply don't get how a normal human being could so despicable. So I guess they are all just sociopaths. I swear they are all just Fascists.

A serious impeachment question

If only one of the impeachment articles receives enough votes, would that remove Trump from office? Or do both articles have to pass?

Trump's Intl appearances just get worse and worse

ever more ridiculous and embarrassing for us. What an asshole! Shame on his mommy and daddy for never ever teaching him even the bare minimum of manners and congeniality.

What is the "deep state?"

The deep state is our government with all its laws and regulations about what is allowed by individuals and corporations. But if you are an Ayn Rand capitalist, or a corporate monopolist, or a selfish libertarian, or a greedy no taxes-no safety net-no unions, or a white supremacist intent on suppressing the vote, or a Dominionist fundamentalist, or a Catholic opus dei member, then maybe you think laws and regulations and equal justice and opportunity under the law shouldn't apply to you.

Maybe you think that your religious beliefs should be taught in public schools, or you should be free to dump your coal ash and industrial waste into whatever stream, river, lake, or ocean is most convenient.

Can someone please explain Barr to me -- seriously

I understand Trump. He's a criminal con artist in debt to the Russian mob. But what does Barr get out of his treason? Is Barr a Dominionist, who wants to install a Christian Taliban government?

Why don't we just buy him out? Quid Pro Quo

I'm just being silly here. But a funny thought occurred to me this morning. What if Trump were offered $10-Billion to resign? I'll bet he would take it. Of course that would mean skirting justice, which I don't want. But if he were guaranteed cash andf no jail time, I'll bet he would jump at the chance.

Trump scandal is like a can of worms

There's only one thing you can do after you open a can of worms. Get a bigger can!

When Trump's early cabinet appointees turned out to be corrupt scumbags and grifters,

I realized that eventually we would get to impeachment. When it was revealed that his cruel immigration policy was locking up little children away from their parents, I was even more certain that he would dishonorably be shown out the door. He could have chosen to be a decent president with a legacy of accomplishment that improved the lives of all Americans. But no. He chose to use his office in the furtherance of his own self-cherishing. What a wasted opportunity. What a wasted life.

I've seen this movie before -- the GOPer saga

I was in my 20s in the Nixon era. I was in college, and yes I was a hippy back then. All the young men that I knew got out of going to Vietnam one way or another. Back then it "America, love it or leave it." The civil rights movement was coming to a boil. Today's Trumpsters don't appear to me as much different than the red neck RWers back then.

Why they hate government

Trumpsters hate government, because they are emotional undisciplined 4 yr olds. They want the "freedom" to say whatever hateful stupidity pops into their minds, and do whatever they like, no matter how much it trashes the environment or disturbs and harms other people. They are selfish children, who resent paying any taxes that help other people. A mindful adult tames his mind and curbs his speech and behavior against harming others. But not the Trumpsters.
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