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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 07:53 AM
Number of posts: 10,103

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A bigoted mind cannot grasp reality.

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I got a ray of hope last night watching Rachel Maddow and Jerry Nadler

Yes, an impeachment inquiry has begun. But we won't hear it described that way in the MSmedia. It is obvious, painfully and blatantly obvious, that there is something seriously, dangerously, and insanely wrong with Donald Trump. The man is just bloody, fucking crazy and evil. I can see it it. You can see it. Everyone can see it. But for our constitutional rights and institutions, there is not much difference between Trump's racist criminal regime and a banana republic. His stupid, blatant, constant lies that even a child can see are lies, and stupid lies are that leave me in disbelief that anyone could tell such obvious lies. But then I remember that he is stupid and crazy.

What I don't understand is how his enablers can keep pretending that he is not a fucking lying loon. I don't know where Nadler's impeachment inquiry will go. Maybe if he finally gets McGann in a public witness chair and Trump's taxes reveal tax fraud out the wazooo, maybe then, his enablers will throw Trump under the bus and masquerade as indignant citizens.

I so yearn for a democratic government not blackened with filthy bribery and hatefulness. I yearn for a government based on ethical morality, led by decent human beings.

Dare I watch Trump's butt show today?

Dare I waste my time letting him turn my stomach with his lies? I think not. Unless he apologizes for his rhetoric, there is nothing he can say to wash the blood off his speech. And we all know that he is incapable of ever apologizing.

The only good thing that can come from Trump's butt shows today is that he turns even more people's stomachs and get thoroughly repudiated by massive protests.

Federal law about inciting riot

More articles for impeaching Trump. Someone should remind him that it's against federal law to incite a riot. Certainly every state has its owns about it too.

18 U.S. Code § 2101. Riots

(a) Whoever travels in interstate or foreign commerce or uses any facility of interstate or foreign commerce, including, but not limited to, the mail, telegraph, telephone, radio, or television, with intent—
(1) to incite a riot; or
(2) to organize, promote, encourage, participate in, or carry on a riot; or
(3) to commit any act of violence in furtherance of a riot; or
(4) to aid or abet any person in inciting or participating in or carrying on a riot or committing any act of violence in furtherance of a riot;
and who either during the course of any such travel or use or thereafter performs or attempts to perform any other overt act for any purpose specified in subparagraph (A), (B), (C), or (D) of this paragraph— [1]
Shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

Patrick Crusius, the El Paso killer, is exactly the same type of young, who in early 1930s Germany

put on a brown shirt and pants, swastika arm band, and roamed the streets in gangs, beating up unarmed citizens, who didn't return their Nazi salute. Same types, who smashed up Jewish shops, and later went house to house rounding up Jews and shoving them into transport trucks.

Oh, but that could never happen here in America, could it? How long before Trump suspends habeas corpus?

I didn't watch the debate last night

I find it unpleasant to watch them shout and argue. I already know for whom I shall vote in the primary, and that is certain. CNN moderators on the 1st night's debate were purposely promoting a slug-fest. I want to see Warren, Harris, and Biden in the same debate.
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