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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 07:53 AM
Number of posts: 10,100

About Me

A bigoted mind cannot grasp reality.

Journal Archives

Question on stimulus check

I'm 73, retired, and my only source of income is social security. Will we SSI recipients get a stimulus check. Or is that only for people who filed unemployment. I did get that first check a year ago.


Who and when will Biden pick his Attorney General?

I think that he's waiting to see if Georgia gives him 2 Dem senators. I would love to see Adam Schiff as AG.

Your opinion please.

Can we stop talking about Trump now?

He is an energy vampire. I don't want to know about his latest tweet, his latest butt show, or anything else related to him.

It's way past time to move on.

Dallas Morning News reports 52 available ICU beds in Dallas county, which has 2.5 million residents.

A woman from my old high school (class of 1965) tells me it's not true and to stop listening to the news.

I respected that woman, when we were in HS. Now, however, not so much. She's also said that she would rather get Covid, than take the vaccine. Stupidity all around me.

Get ready for Dems to be labeled socialist/maxist/communists by the RW ReThugicans

Already Michael Flynn and DeVos are labeling us that. I think they must have gone to the graveyard and dug up those scarey monsters. We can poo-poo their stupidity, but I predict that the old red & pinko scare tactics will be deployed again.

How long after Trump leaves office do you think the NY AG will indict Trump for his money crimes?

I'm thinking it might be within 30 days. How do you see this playing out?

I'm so proud of Biden's 1st slate of cabinet picks

Wow! John Kerry as climate czar, and at a cabinet level too. I watched the announcement, and I just felt so proud. All of them serious people with proven competence. Not a clown in the bunch. Decency is back. And thank-you Kamala for promising that the Biden administration is dedicated to telling the truth. I just feel so so proud.

When do we all start labeling them as Fascists

because that's what the GOP has become. Because that's what they are.

So what did you think about the speeches Sat night?

I was truly inspired. Harris is a damn good speech maker. There's just something about her style of being that exudes joy and happiness. I noticed this about her during the campaign also. Joy and happiness comes to those who do not cultivate anger and hatred. Her speech emphasized that together, we are a great people. All of us -- together. I'm left with the feeling that she truly cares about me and is serious about effecting change.

Biden's speech left me feeling inspired also. I especially appreciated his challenge to us to open our minds to the possibility of working together. His call for us to return to civility and to stop demonizing one another was music to my ears. I like that he has laid out his agenda: getting Covid under control, improving the economy, supporting the middle class, addressing systemic racism and injustice, and climate. Let's all be clear, that's where we're going.

I do however have a teensy nit to pick. He needs to speak, not shout, into the microphone. It's a microphone.

Trump becomes more and more irrelevant with each passing day

Let's make that also true on this site. I don't care to know about his ugly tweets. They are irrelevant. I don't care about who he's fired. It's irrelevant. I'm not interested in his temper tantrums. They are irrelevant. I don't care about his golf game or how many cheeseburgers he had for lunch. All that is irrelevant.

Folks, it's time to move on. I want to know what you thought of Biden's and Harris' speeches Sat night. Who you'd like to see chosen for which cabinet post. But nothing about Trump, please. Trump is irrelevant. He will soon be swept into the dust bin of history with the rest of the trash.
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