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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 07:53 AM
Number of posts: 10,111

About Me

A bigoted mind cannot grasp reality.

Journal Archives

We have a plethora of guns, because of selfish people, greedy manufacturers, & spineless politicians

Selfish people screaming about their 2nd amendment rights that are more important than our right to live. Selfish people, who fear people of color, demonize them, and only feel safe owning their own personal arsenal of military grade guns. Greedy manufacturers, who don't give a damn about safety and security of people, and are interested only selling as many guns as possible for profit. And then there's the spineless politicians, who want the campaign contributions of gun manufacturers and the votes of people, who they fear-monger about being replaced by people of color.

Chauvin won't take the stand

if he does, I think the prosecution could ask him about his previous disciplinary actions. Ask him if he heard people telling him to let up on Floyd. Ask him why he did it. If he were smart, he would ask to just plead guilty to one of the lesser murder charges, B4 the jury goes into deliberation. But he ain't that smart. If he were smart, he never would have kneeled on Floyd's neck in the 1st place. But noooooooooooooo, Chauvin, the bully, just couldn't resist the aggressive impulse to put a black man in his place, subordinate to a white cop.

What I don't understand is why Rethugs are so full of hatred

They cultivate hatred 24 x 7. They hate liberals, Dems, government, gun laws, business & industry regulations, public schools, equal pay for women, EPA, poor people, non-whites.

I think that basically they hate life in general, because life ain't fair. Life is difficult and full of disappointments, and they are filled with envy for others, who they see as better off, luckier. There is little, if any, loving kindness and empathy for others in them. It seems the worship of the almighty dollar and the power to get it is all that matters to them.
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