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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 07:53 AM
Number of posts: 10,153

About Me

A bigoted mind cannot grasp reality.

Journal Archives

Sure hit it out of the ballpark today

I caught the last part of his event about outlawing assault weapons and supporting law & order.

Resentment over student loan forgiveness

Oh you don't like that your tax money paid off some student loans? Yeah, well I don't like that my taxes go to the military/industrial complex -- AKA the war machine. Aid to Israel, regime changes, or the fossil fuel industries.

You know what else is loan forgiveness?

Filing for bankruptcy 6 times

Hooray for me!

I'm a 75 female retired senior with medical disabilities. I have been living in an independent living facility for disabled and old folks in Dallas. Two weeks ago, the facility gave us 30 days notice to depart. I have been going thru Hell, jumping thru hoops and over obstacles to find a place. Rents in Dallas are atrocious, all the apts want income to be 3 times the rent, which starts at about 1200-1500/mo. What's a Sr on SocSec supposed to do?

Well lucky me! I found a great affordable situation in a nice neighborhood this morning. So I get to say my 2 favorite words in the English language -- PROBLEM SOLVED!!!

May all beings be happy and have all the causes and conditions for happiness.

Hey it doesn't matter what Dems do

No matter what Dems do, no matter the benefit to anyone, Reps are going to bitch and complain about it. Say all kinds of ridiculous lies and excuses to say it's harmful and unAmerican. Biden cannot be seen as competent, smart, decent, congenial. That goes for Pelosi and Harris as well.
The GOP bruhaha over Biden cancelling student debt is just the latest example. I guess we have to slog on making objective arguments about what Dems do is beneficial AND popular with the majority of Americans. God I'm so tired of their hatred and ill-will, because that is just what it is, ill-will and mean-spirited. I have to cleanse my mind of being disgusted with GOP ill-will and hatred.

May all beings know the joy of appreciating the success, happiness, and well-being of others.

about Tucker Carlson

I don't watch Fox News, but I do see tweets and videos of some Tucker stuff. Here's my question?

Is he really the character that he plays on TV? Does he really express his true deep down thoughts and feelings, or is it all just an act, a very lucrative act?

I guess anyone who is just acting all that racist MAGAt crap is a pretty dreadful person anyway.

But what do you think. Is he for real, or just acting? Maybe some of both?

What's really interesting to me

is that although we don't know what documents he had, we can imagine the worst. We can imagine that it's possible that Trump, a former US president, would be willing to sell the most sensitive, highest classified documents to our enemies for money, favors, relief from debt, whatever.

We would put nothing despicable and dishonorable past him, except maybe murder. And that's because we know that he is a lazy cowardly asshole, who manipulates others to do his dirty work. Although conspiring to commit murder -- that I would not put past him.

Not a drop of honor in the man. What a sad sad tragedy. His come-uppance will be epic and cathartic. A gigantic toilet flush for our country. Hopefully some of his sycophant wanna-bes and enablers will swirl down the bowl with him.

The 2021 DOJ budget is $31.7 billion

Let that sink in for a minute. AG Garland has more than enough resources and smart and experienced personnel to deal with an arrogant asshole like Donnie Dumb-ass.

What has Donnie got? Asshole screw-up lawyers that he has a history of stiffing their payment due bills.

Well I just hope that all my fellow DUers and Libs are enjoying this operetta as much as I am.

Yeah AG Garland !!!

Your comments today were on point and entirely appropriate. And thank you sir, for defending the professionalism. honor, and integrity of the FBI agents and others involved in this episode.

When are the ReThug Senators going to elect a new leader?

Because Mitch is way too old and not nearly Christian enough for them.
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