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vlyons's Journal
vlyons's Journal
July 27, 2023

Just had a fabulous thought. What if?

DC and GA indictments were handed down on the SAME DAY!!!

July 22, 2023

I'm beginning to wonder that De Dantis is so vile and despicable,

if he could even get re-elected as gov, much less president.

July 21, 2023

Here's the deal. I don't listen to Trump

Don't watch videos of him. Don't read his tweets or tweets about him. I get everything I need or want to know by scanning down the headers here in DU that people post about him. And that's more than plenty for me.

And why? Because I already know that everything he says is vicious, vile, and degenerate. A lie. More importantly, I choose not to let his words activate my anger and disgust. I value my peace of mind.

I shall read stuff about his next indictments, which I expect to come pretty soon. And I'm looking forward to reading about his convictions and sentences. Maybe around Christmas. Wouldn't that be nice? Otherwise, I don't listen to Trump.

July 18, 2023

Can you imagine Trump in jail?

As he suspects, Trump will probably be arrested and indicted when he appears before the DC grand jury by Friday. Wha-hoo and hahaha! Don't know if he will get bail, but insurrection is damn serious.

I have long predicted that eventually Trump will be convicted and sit the rest of his sorry ass life in a max security fed prison. Day after day in a gray 6x9 solitary cell. For his own safety, kept out of general population. No TV. He doesn't read, so no books. No audience. His family will quickly write him off, so no visits. No cheeseburbers. Just boring bland prison food. A steel platform with a thin mattress for a bed. Day after day after day until he drops dead.

I would say that it's tragically sad, but like a Greek dramas, he brought himself down by his own hubris. Karma is just like gravity in that it never stops working.

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