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Mr Dixon

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Member since: Tue Aug 2, 2011, 08:16 AM
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What Happens When A Black Man And A White Man Try To Break Into The Same Car (VIDEO)



The man trying to get into Jason Roberts' car was clearly a professional.

His movements were quick, skilled and evidently practiced. He began to attract the notice of skeptical onlookers. Who was that man breaking into the Mazda? Shouldn't someone do something?

A "professional" was exactly what he was, and, having called AAA for help getting into his locked car, Roberts expected nothing less. He was, however, unnerved by the stares of the people questioning the motives of a mechanic who was only trying to help. Then it hit him -- they were suspicious because, unlike him, the mechanic was black.

Roberts, a host on the YouTube channel Simple Misfits, decided to replicate the situation, this time camera in hand, so that everyone could witness the same unacceptable double standard that he had. He didn't realize how intense the response would be. Watch the video above to see for yourself (warning: NSFW language).


WOW I find it funny that the angry white males are rebelling against change when they have been the benefactors for so long. For every perceived injustice brought upon them in this so-called new society of change. Cry me a river that you’re not in the cat bird seat any more, everyone should be equal, equal work for equal pay, black, white, male, female, gay or str8 EQUAL is key word. The bottom line is the rich have jettison the poor white man, now he has to get in line with those whom he used to look down upon, sucks doesn’t? Well here is the upside, your blinders have been removed, “you can see clearly now the rain in gone, you can see all the obstacles in our way”.

The analogy is: peasants and noblemen, some peasants are selected to keep the rest of the peasants in check while the noblemen screw us all; problem is once the castle walls are high enough (Rich enough) then all the peasants become unless to the Rich/noblemen, then you’re shoved back in with the rest of us peasants, welcome home.

SMOKE Break, please read and comment


In my place of employment I take periodic smoke breaks, the smokers in my building are comprised of all categories of people to include Republicans and Some Tea Party members. The standard conversation usually is about sports but every now and then someone brings up politics when this happen I usually remain silent, so as to not be labeled the angry Black liberal LOL.
Well today one of the most arrogant republicans who happened to be a contractor, I labeled him arrogant because he always talked about how well he was doing compared to the rest of us lowly workers. Anyone not making 6 figures we’re beneath him, he has a house in Tyson corner, infinity x whatever class car, 500.00 dollars watches and all the bells and whistles the rest of us can’t afford.
Well today he was laid-off (contractor) FY14 funds will not cover his pay, and now he is faced with the real possibility of losing everything. He complained the job was given to, two college kids that don’t know shit about the job and that the company was wrong for hiring them. He mentioned that both kids would only make half of what he was making. I held my comments because he truly believed that he was not replaceable, as if he had not noticed the economy over the lasted 8 years and that no one should take their jobs for grant it.
He needs to be out of the building by 1530hrs, I want so much to tell him that Karma is a bitch but I know that would be wrong, if I see him again I plan to wish him good luck, even if he says he is going to apply for unemployment.
Just wanted to share this story and ask if any of you would have handled this differently?

Sorry if this has been posted already......but some of us called this when the story broke


sherry west liedBrunswick, Ga. resident Sherry West, 42, mother of baby Antonio Santiago slain on March 14, 2013, told CNN’s Piers Morgan she wants the alleged teen killers to die during an on-camera interview. “A life for a life,” she said.

De’Marquis Elkins, 17, and Dominique Lang, 15, were arrested and charged with murdering the 13-month-old. Their trial was set for this August but their public defender, Jonathan Lockwood, uncovered some shocking evidence.

She lied! The gunshot residue was found on both West and baby Antonio’s father, Louis, who was initially reported no where near the crime scene.

Back in March, West told police that while on her way home from the post office two black boys attempted to rob her. When she told them that she didn’t have any money, they shot baby Antonio in the face, then shot her in the leg before running away.

The state forensic report says, “This supports the possibility that [Louis Santiago] discharged a firearm, was in close proximity to a firearm upon discharge, or came into contact with an item whose surface bears GSR [gunshot residue].”

GIF of the Day ????


PIC OF the Day (POD)


This is a great example of controlling the public; males can’t see anything but those legs and fantasize about where they meet in the middle, all by design. Offensive to ladies who cares? This is a white man’s world, and women should be in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant right. When those legs hit the screen the news sounds like (Charlie Browns teacher wa wa wa) ROFL. This is a great example of how little credit is given to the public for having any type of intelligence, show some legs and a low cut shirt, on blonde hair blue eyed twit and men revert back to Cavemen in seconds, the one truth is if it didn’t work then they would not do it.


Just goes to show that when you don’t know the answer it was perfectly normal to just make shit up. John Smith is that you? Will somebody part this sea we are trying to cross? Now where did I place my T-rex harness? Can somebody tell Zeus that “Wrath of the Titans” sucked? Santa Claus where is my Fuck PS3? ROFL


I think it has everything to do with environment and the ability to adapt to survive, I assume those distance runner training in a brutal environments and race in ideal cool settings, so of course they run faster with the same effort. Boxers do this all the time, the training in higher elevations and to enhance their stamina on fight night. If a white person was born in the hood and raised there, chances are he/she would have the same strengths and weakness as everyone else in the environment. Put a black kid in a different environment and the results will reflect the environment the child was raised in. Remember the movie ” Trading Places”?

What does the DU think about this?

Going along the lines of Race, I and a female friend of mind were discussing the race issue, being that she is white and me not some much LOL. I posed the question as to why? When a WW (white woman) needs to shield her actions, example “Susan smith, the runaway bride” and so on that Black-men become the best excuse? Now I realize that this was the standard back in the days see the movie “rosewood” or the story of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emit_Till however in 2012 nothing has changed. To illustrate I recently read a story http://www.clutchmagonline.com/2011/12/woman-elaborately-fakes-her-own-rape-and-blames-guess-who-a-black-guy/ note: link may not work Google it please.

So my question is this, why is this still happening and when will it stop?
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