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Member since: Tue Aug 9, 2011, 03:40 PM
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I know what it is like to have no hope.

"I know what it is like to have no hope". A Romney

No hope Ann Romney?

You people, Ann Romney, know nothing of "no hope".

"No hope" does not mean you found out you have MS, early, in an expensive dr.'s office. "No hope" does not mean you begin a regiment of expensive treatments in the best hospitals in the country. "No Hope" does not mean that you can get in your plane or your yacht and go to the other side of the world to get a treatment or meet with the best dr. in the field.

"No hope" does not mean you have the best quality of every medicine AND a person to run to the store and pick it up for you. "No hope" does not mean you can get your dr. to write a prescription so you can have a dancing horse to help with your MS, and then get the rest of the country to chip in to cover the cost of your prancing medicine horse.

"No hope" does not mean you can get out of bed, put on $10,000 worth of clothes and jewelery, have a driver pick you up and take you somewhere so you can give a speech to poor people about how miserable your little life is.

Ann, I will give you some idea of what "no hope" is. "No hope" is American children going without dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow until they get to school where they can eat again. "No hope" is the soldier with the blown off legs and the massive head injury. "No hope" is his wife as she learns her husband has no genitals left and they won't have any children. "No hope" is the poverty stricken woman carrying a rapist's baby for nine months.
"No hope" is a mom looking at her sick child with no dr who will take them because they don't have your checkbook, Mrs. Romney.

I'm sorry you have no hope, Ann. Perhaps if you stopped being rich and became a Christian again it would give you your soul back. I'd bet you'd feel a whole lot better if you fed a room of hungry kids instead of watching your dancing horse.

And, finally Ann Romney, I will share with you how to get a little hope. His name is Barack O'bama. He wants to make sure sick peeps get help. He wants to make sure hungry peeps get some food. He wants people like you to pay for your own prancing horsey so he can put that money into healthcare or lunch programs.

It isn't that you don't have hope Mrs. Romney. That despondent feeling you feel is your decadent lifestyle, your lack of Christian empathy and, perhaps, "A heart, to quote Dr. Seuss, "That is two sizes too small."
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