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Member since: Tue Aug 9, 2011, 03:40 PM
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Wanna Know What Just Made This 6'1" 275 lb He-Man Cry?

Tears are running down my cheeks like two little creeks and for some reason I can't seem to quit.

The military of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA just gave two week leaves to their gay members who are stationed in states that won't allow them to marry their partners. Two weeks of leave to gather your family in a state that allows such things, marry, maybe even a quick little honeymoon before being sent back to battle, or desk duty, or whatever. That marriage also will now allow benefits to your spouse.

Yes. Our Military just did something amazing.

An act of kindness.

After so many hard fought battles for civil rights, after so many court cases just to be treated like other Americans, after just one nasty-hard-fought-campaign after another...much of it hateful and painful. And today an act of kindness. In just a few short years we have come so far.

To offer a few weeks off to start a new life. Can you imagine how many lives just changed and shifted in an instant?

I cannot imagine another President, another administration, will ever, EVER compare to President Obama and how he has treated the gay people in this country. Under his leadership the military has truly gone above and beyond in how they have handled gay integration. I thought electing a black American President would help this country heal. I thought that President would be a great civil rights leader with a place in history no matter what. But President Obama has earned his place as a great leader in Civil Rights... and today's announcements by the military should seal that matter without a doubt.

My tears are drying up a little, finally. But this is a pretty amazing day for gay Americans. Its one of those days where we got a little bit closer to the dream that "all men are created equal". I hope you can all enjoy the importance of it.

I think this calls for a smilie....
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