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Hate-talk Hedgecock: Who we "allow to procreate" is "scientific explanation for lower info voter"

Roger Hedgecock, disgraced ex-mayor of San Diego and current right wing talk show host, announced on his Feb. 19 syndicated program that the "scientific explanation for the lower info voter" is "we continue to support and allow to procreate people who are...clearly not the best" and his ideas about the decline of humanity started "in 2008."

Citing an article in a scientific journal by Stanford geneticist Gerald Crabtree, Hedgecock presented his own interpretation of the article like this: "Now his theory has to do with genetic mutations and the application, now get this, haven't I said this 10,000 times on this program?--the application of Darwinian theory to the liberal welfare state. If we continue to support and allow to procreate people who are, you know, fill in the blank, and clearly not the best, then you are going to wind up with an average dumber and dumber population over time."

For the record, Crabtree's article mentions nothing about any "liberal welfare state." Hedgecock might have been reading related texts from the right wing chat-website Free Republic (www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/2970157/posts). Hedgecock ends his rant by saying that previously he thought that "we've been on an arc going up. Since 2008 I'm not as sure."

During this same hour of his program when he mentioned a "dumber and dumber population," Hedgecock
-incorrectly suggested that Obama lost every state that had voter ID laws (a viral email conspiracy theory),
-read an article about an Obama-loving short-sale scam artist that also originated as a viral email, debunked by Snopes.com in September of 2012, and
-read from a "handwritten note" he had received to assert that Homeland Security was stockpiling assault weapons to prepare for a revolution "to control the people."

For links see http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/02/21/1188648/-Hate-talk-Hedgecock-Who-we-allow-to-procreate-is-scientific-explanation-for-lower-info-voter

Idiot watch: Roger Hedgecock blames high school food fight on Obama

San Diego's ex-mayor Roger Hedgecock claims that a high school food fight in Minneapolis proves that "race relations have gone way downhill since Barack Obama became president."

Two weeks after gaining notoriety for charging that "hatred of white people has now become an epidemic" and "racial tensions...are at an all-time high in my lifetime" because of President Obama, the right wing talk show host Hedgecock returned to the theme on Feb. 15 on station KFMB in San Diego.

"Turns out this just wasn't any food fight," Hedgecock said. "What it really was about was a riot between Muslims students and the black students... Whites weren't even involved. They weren't even invited to this riot."

The Muslims students allegedly involved are from Somalia. Hedgecock apparently does not realize that the Somalis are also "black people" like the African Americans.

Hedgecock said this incident is just one of many, "with an example every day, like the one from Minneapolis that I just cited, that race relations have gone way downhill, way downhill, since Barack Obama became president..."

"You can't go through a day of news without seeing something, again, that 15 or 20 years ago, you could not have seen."

Hedgecock went on to expound on his belief mentioned on Feb. 4 that President Obama intentionally worsens "racial tensions" which "are at an all-time high in my lifetime."

"With his background with the [Bill] Ayers people, with the Rules for Radicals...It's been drilled into him," Hedgecock said of Obama, "that dividing people is a source of power."

Hedgecock is "very afraid" of "drone strike within the US," of Obama "dictatorship"

On Feb 12, 2013, Roger Hedgecock, right wing talk show host and ex-mayor of San Diego, warned his listeners about a "drone strike of an American citizen within the United States" and that "it's time to be very afraid." He then promoted a "nationwide rally to challenge the Obama usurpation, to challenge the dictatorship, to demand the restitution of a Constitutional republic." The "Day of Resistance" rally on Feb. 23 is being organized through the website theteaparty.net.

Roger Hedgecock's nuclear fear-mongering: North Korea can now nuke the USA. (Wrong)

In response to a North Korean nuclear test, the right wing ex-mayor of San Diego, Roger Hedgecock, breathlessly announced on his February 12th talk show that North Korea now has the capability of striking the West Coast of the USA with a nuclear missile. The only problem is, they don't. Nuclear experts say this test might bring North Korea one step closer to that goal, but at this point they are nowhere near having that capability.

Roger Hedgecock goes full race baiter: "hatred of white people an epidemic", blames Obama

Roger Hedgecock, former San Diego mayor and current right wing talk show host, equated teaching about race with "hatred of white people", claimed "hatred of white people has now become an epidemic in this country", that the California public school curriculum was "anti-white" while blaming President Obama for "racial tensions" that "are at an all-time high in my lifetime." Hedgecock made these comments on Feb. 4, 2013, on San Diego station KFMB-AM, which features white talk show hosts for 100% of their programming, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hedgecock started out by resurrecting a story from 2012 about a Portland school principal, Verenice Gutierrez, who was involved in programs to help educators understand white privilege in order to "change their teaching practices to boost their minority students' performance." Hedgecock called this "hatred of white people."

"It will boost minorities performance to teach them, in essence, hatred of white people, which is basically what she said," is how Hedgecock characterized it.

Hedgecock then presented what was supposed to be a scary list of the "hatred of white people" training for teachers involving Gutierrez, including an exercise "to examine a news article and discuss the white privilege it conveys... A week-long seminar called 'coaching for educational equity'...that focuses on race and how it affects life... She also serves on an administrative committee that focuses on 'systemic racism.'

"...This stuff is going on in every school, every public school," Hedgecock warned.

After relating a news story about a deranged murderer who said his shooting spree was prompted by his racist attitudes toward white people, beliefs he developed while an anthropology major in college, Hedgecock said, "Where do people get these notions? They get them in taxpayer-supported schools. Hatred of white people has now become an epidemic in this country.

"It is now informing polical decisions that are made. When President Obama told the editorial staff at the San Francisco Chronicle during the 2008 campaign that the bitter clingers, people in Pennsylvania, and he was talking about white people, who cling to their guns and their bible, were the problem he was having.

"No one has more racially divided this country since John C. Calhoun, than Barack Obama...

"No one in this country believes that we are better off in race relations, that there is less racial tension in this country today, because of Barack Obama's election. Racial tensions are at an all-time high in my lifetime and I lived through the 50s...

"I lived through Rosa Parks, I lived through Martin Luther King, Jr. The consensus was at that time among white people that those civil rights efforts were in the noblest tradition in the American republic...

"Do you have a feeling that all this stuff in the schools, teaching hatred of white privilege, is bringing us closer together? Is bringing us past racism?

Referring to a story about a review of the school system in Texas, Hedgecock concluded, "You should see the curriculum we have. It is as anti-American, anti-West and anti-white as you could imagine."
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