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Joe Shlabotnik

Joe Shlabotnik's Journal
Joe Shlabotnik's Journal
February 19, 2012

I agree

The public school system was great for producing educated worker for an industrial society. It worked well, but is becoming obsolete. Children today enrolling in school will eventually be looking for work in jobs, and fields that haven't even been conceived of yet. And the type of rote memorization and long hours, common and praised, in Asian schools is becoming obsolete too. Its going to take a lot of far-sighted determination, money, risk and imagination to re-create schools for the 21st century.

February 18, 2012

4 things that I take away from all of this is

1) I'm heartened to see a great many Canadians of all political stripes FINALLY get outraged about something. Christ, Harper has rammed though so much shit already, and no media has taken him to task about any of it. And the comment sections from even the RW Toronto Sun has pissed off Canadian 'tea partiers' who are now denouncing this bill.

2) Sending it to committee however, doesn't mean any of it is going to be changed. Any dissenting Con MPs will be disciplined, and they'll let the bill languish there until (they hope) this blows over. The entire bill should be torn up. (as should the omnibus Crime bill have been broken up and gutted (But at least now starting to crumble at the court level)).

3) Was harper stupid bringing this bill up in the climate of sopa/pipa/acta????? Or does he believe (maybe rightly so), that he can act with zero public support, with complete impunity.

4)I'm starting to have a little faith that the public may be able to drive him from office early, and reduce the Con-party back to 4 (or less!) seats again. Hopefully, people are getting sicker and sicker of Harpers social engineering, and avoiding the economy, sustainability, health care, sovereignty over our resources, and personal information, etc.

If he keeps this bullying up, we may re-discover our past greatness (i.e., on to Ottawa Trek, Winnipeg General Strike) and start to push back. As soon as the opposition parties are ready, I'd love to see some large scale, and coordinated push back, and massive letter writing campaigns to the Governor General to call for an unprecedented election.

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