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Member since: Sun Oct 2, 2011, 10:19 AM
Number of posts: 4,065

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Toxic, Bible usage responsible for widespread christofascist hotspots nationwide.

No film or news at 11. No comprehensive coverage on corporate censored news, ever.

Government remains silent on causes of mental illness epidemic, seems content to grapple with symptoms only, nationally and state by state.

Consequences to date: drastic depletion of freedoms amongst minorities consisting of as many as 50% of US population. Many smaller groups equally effected while cross membership in oppressed groups is widespread.

What will our next generations do?

What will children and next generations do when our money is useless? What will our children and next generations do when how to find water and grow food are again humansí most treasured abilities?

Teach children in school how to survive. Begin now.

If weíre going to ignore climate Catastrophe, at least letís give our kids, and grandkids, and next generations a chance.

And. Letís be honest with them for a while. Tell them we donít teach them to be self sufficient because we need dependent workers and soldiers and not independent beings. The rich want to remain rich, and they do that by keeping you in debt to themselves.

Tell our children we donít stop school slaughter because arms manufactures are making billions, and that money is more important than their lives.

And, when our children ask, letís tell them that previous generationís, and our generationís, pursuit of gold and power led to this existential quagmire they face. And, let us not lie to them that we are sorry, because our lack of action since weíve know better proves that we are not.

So, letís begin right now and at least teach our children how to survive. And, we might want to get started asap.

Second Amendment

The 2nd amendment is a diseased, misrepresented, malignant, vestigial structure being manipulated by greedy arms manufacturers, hate driven toxic masculinity, and corrupt politicians. Repeal it now. Replace it with the necessary measures to stop the slaughter. Periodic slaughter of our children is not an acceptable price to pay for some archaic, irrelevant bits and phrases written for flintlock owners. What Say You?

Working man blues attention: every Republican President since IKE.

To 🐝 or not to be...

The Lottery

Americans are living in a kind of Twilight Zone, a random lottery with all of our names in the rolling barrel, musical chairs of the absurd. And, when the music stops, when the Reaperís hand withdraws numbers from the barrel, people are shot to death.

Stranger yet, our laws and minds have been twisted in such a way that this is acceptable.

What can be done?

We are a violent people with a violent past. Our modern society is built upon the murderous brutality of slave labor and the genocide of millions of indigenous people.

We oppress our poor, often with violence, and have been involved in wars and Ēpolice actionsĒ regularly since becoming a nation. Indifference, ignorance, and misunderstoodómisplaced patriotism allows violence racketeers to charge forward and warmonger their way to riches.

There is a rotten core element in our national psyche which will have to be delt with eventually, and nobody knows exactly how to approach it.

America! We're slaughtering one another.

The second amendment is a diseased, vestigial structure which is devouring our most vulnerable citizens by the thousands every year. The number one cause of death in children is now gun violence.

Gunsí mayhem and death symbolize how violent of a nation we are, and, with one of our political parties firmly supporting chaos, hate, fascism, and distribution of the machines of human slaughter, the future looks bleak for our next generations who always pay the highest price for irresponsible, wanton social calamity.

Yet, Americans will not be inconvenienced. Neither the slaughter of our children, threats to voting rights and the human rights of huge portions of society, or the real threat of extinction as a species, moves us from our comfort zones.

Question: Does the world, at some point, roll the dice and stop the crushing of Ukraine.

Or, do we let the blood lust run its course, and if so, how much will be too much? At what point will we act? Itís a tough one. Watching the schoolyard bully try and beat a smaller kid to death rubs most of us wrong. Personally, I havenít any answers, but I do know how I feel.

The number we hear most often from our President and his people is the unemployment figure.

And, we are in good shape there; no doubt about it. The numbers are fiddled in ways which produce a number which doesnít reflect true unemployment but itís consistent.

In addition, I would also like to see mentioned consumer survey figures which reflect back the mood of the people, us, living out here.

An honest assessment of survey results and administration led public discussions on what they reveal would be a great place to begin to shore up public concerns with the struggles weíre having across the economic board.

One trusted survey since the 1940s
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