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Member since: Sun Oct 2, 2011, 10:19 AM
Number of posts: 4,069

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So, simple question: is this or is this not cool with you?


Are our senior Democratic Party members able to grasp the immediacy felt by our nation's youth?

Climate Change is smack dab in the middle of young folks’ plate. They see the pace of the world’s response as a big, “it’s up to you kids, good luck.” Is their, “The house is on fire,” approach not quite understandable? Is not their “tone” iappropriate given the circumstances? Is, “You didn’t vote for me” ever a response to their worries and concerns? Was the Senior Senator from California being condescending, patronizing?


Everything seriously discussed today needs be first considered from an environmental point of view. Every other POV, at this late hour, is a secondary waste of time. Every dollar directed, with positive environmental impact as its motivation, is well spent, but the massive grassroots uprising needed to save humanity’s place here must rise up out of love for our collective home...Earth. Money can’t buy that.

Will we all just get along?


Is this foot dragging, a display of power, or do Castor et al have a better plan or idea?

Why derail, or at least sidetrack, a train with momentum? Some combining, some time devoted to a discussion about inclusion, some public recognition of worthyness. What?


Can AOC's Green New Deal idea become a watershed rallying point under our big tent?

Her public pledge to not take money from Fossil-fuels and Coal make her a strong banner carrier.

Schumer says he's for the "best and the cheapest" healthcare for Americans.

Medicare for all will provide the best and the cheapest healthcare for Americans. So why fucking dance around it? Simply come out and support what the majority of Americans already do. I’m more and more convinced that the Senate is a vestigial structure and a boil upon the ass of progress.

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