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Member since: Sun Oct 2, 2011, 10:19 AM
Number of posts: 4,050

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I have another primary candidate all picked out, thanks, Joe.

Fracking is absolutely devastating wherever it exists.


Climate Crisis is high on American's support list.


Why are only two candidates really tuned into this public concern?

First question to ask candidates:

When you are president, are you going to tweet?

I'm fairly positive I have not used his name orally or in print since Election Day.

We now have an impressive selection of aliases tho.

I've been here on DU since 2011 officially, but I lurked for a few years before that. I'm a radical.

My politics have always been way left with an emphasis on radical environmentalism. Iíve found that DU is where I must participate politically, because my folks donít have a real party, and our champions, for the most part, donít show well in elections. Therefore, I vote with and for Democrats. I take my direct action in the marine litter removal area on a regular basis and participate regularly online in environmental communities.

That said, Iím curious, are there any other self identified radicals here who find themselves in the same boat? Of course, I understand if you donít want to identify on an open forum. Iím 71 now and no longer care much who knows what about me. Anywho, thanks for listening.

If Wall Street is excited about your candidate, perhaps you're backing the wrong candidate.

At this moment in time, what does Wall Street have to offer any Democrat?

Gov. Inslee sees the reality of our Climate Crisis: address it first or nothing else will matter.


Are Democrats well served by a DNC too fearful to openly face humanity's number one crisis?


Why must our candidates fight the DNC for a debate on humanity's most pressing crisis?


The front runner is making it extremely difficult for a great many of us

Progressive Environmentalist voters. Of course, he will receive my vote if he is our candidate, but Inslee, Sanders, Gillibrand, Warren, and Gabbard present as more in tune with the immediacy what our next generations face. Posted by Grist...
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