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Member since: Sun Oct 2, 2011, 09:19 AM
Number of posts: 2,222

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Why is Biden supporting the Line 5 pipeline?

This project is is in direct opposition to Indigenous rights, clean water safety, and any form of Climate Catastrophe awareness. Wtf.


Rolling Coal, I'm sure we can all agree, is some really stupid shit.


Yet, how many millions of people still frolic about our oceans on these nasty behemoths?


Katie Porter is my rep and I couldn't be prouder of her.

Do you like your rep’s approach, or do wish they’d be more courageous, outspoken, and active?

What say you?

What if we...

It is time for the USA to stop looking for and creating enemies. China is not our enemy. It is time to cut the bloated War Department budget in half and use half to build the best sustainable, peaceful nation we can be. We poses no legitimate moral high ground. It is time to flush stale lies like manifest destiny, dominion, and nation building (read meddling covertly in the affairs of other countries) and join the world as a nation among nations. If we take these actions, then perhaps we will stand a chance of averting Climate Catastrophe.

Thank goodness for Amy Goodman's news and perspective, speaking truth to power.

Mr. Hoh seemed to actually be informed and matter of fact.


The horseshit coming down on MSM, everyone’s denial that we were nation building, the insistence that women’s lot was so much better under the propped up, corrupt government when the majority of women still suffered the age old indignaties, the silent blind eye to drug lords etc. makes it impossible to believe anything “official”.

There is more written about and are more photos and vids posted depicting Agent Orange

than there are about President Biden and important pending legislation before lawmakers. Does anyone but me think this is just way fucking out of whack? All these proposals before Congress must be viewed through the lens of Climate Emergency and not through a pair of nasty orange colored glasses. DU is obsessed with the Orange menace.

In a time when our planet is racing downhill into the chaos of Climate Catastrophe,

the entire political world, led by our super rich and corporate overlords, is a willful clusterfuck, an orchestrated tempest in a teapot, a clamor of misdirection and false imperatives so in grained in societies as to systematically overwhelm factual, scientific reason and the focused, universal response required in the few minutes remain8ng of our eleventh hour.

I’m a grandfather and it simply breaks my heart I must encourage my grandchildren to prepare to adapt. Any official help for their futures will be terminally minimal and hopelessly late.

It's taken me nearly ten years to reach 2000 posts.

This is what I say today:

While I feel way too little time is devoted to our environmental emergency, I find most discussions here on DU informative and thought provoking.

Thanks to all Dems here for caring, and to my fellow progressives—Keep pushing left.

Greta clear and precise as usual, yet, more clear is that the world "can't handle the truth".


Really "Liberals"? "Lock em' up, lock em' up, lock em up".

When did we adopt this conservative/authoritarian/Republican chant? It never has set right with me. It seems to have begun its crossover when the right hurled it incessantly at Hillary. Is this who we are?

Justice is absolutely essential. Yet, look at where “lock em’ up” is a crippling, social injustice.
I’m offering no solutions other than a deeper look into modern, progressive approaches to crime and punishment like those practiced in some Scandinavian nations.

That said, “lock em up” sounds wrong coming from liberals.
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