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Member since: Sun Oct 2, 2011, 10:19 AM
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What can be done?

We are a violent people with a violent past. Our modern society is built upon the murderous brutality of slave labor and the genocide of millions of indigenous people.

We oppress our poor, often with violence, and have been involved in wars and ”police actions” regularly since becoming a nation. Indifference, ignorance, and misunderstood—misplaced patriotism allows violence racketeers to charge forward and warmonger their way to riches.

There is a rotten core element in our national psyche which will have to be delt with eventually, and nobody knows exactly how to approach it.

America! We're slaughtering one another.

The second amendment is a diseased, vestigial structure which is devouring our most vulnerable citizens by the thousands every year. The number one cause of death in children is now gun violence.

Guns’ mayhem and death symbolize how violent of a nation we are, and, with one of our political parties firmly supporting chaos, hate, fascism, and distribution of the machines of human slaughter, the future looks bleak for our next generations who always pay the highest price for irresponsible, wanton social calamity.

Yet, Americans will not be inconvenienced. Neither the slaughter of our children, threats to voting rights and the human rights of huge portions of society, or the real threat of extinction as a species, moves us from our comfort zones.
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