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Member since: Sun Oct 2, 2011, 10:19 AM
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What will our next generations do?

What will children and next generations do when our money is useless? What will our children and next generations do when how to find water and grow food are again humansí most treasured abilities?

Teach children in school how to survive. Begin now.

If weíre going to ignore climate Catastrophe, at least letís give our kids, and grandkids, and next generations a chance.

And. Letís be honest with them for a while. Tell them we donít teach them to be self sufficient because we need dependent workers and soldiers and not independent beings. The rich want to remain rich, and they do that by keeping you in debt to themselves.

Tell our children we donít stop school slaughter because arms manufactures are making billions, and that money is more important than their lives.

And, when our children ask, letís tell them that previous generationís, and our generationís, pursuit of gold and power led to this existential quagmire they face. And, let us not lie to them that we are sorry, because our lack of action since weíve know better proves that we are not.

So, letís begin right now and at least teach our children how to survive. And, we might want to get started asap.
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