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Gender: Male
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Member since: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,882

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What is your favorite insult for right-wingers?



YouTube Commenters In A Nutshell

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I Have Zero Tolerance For People Who Don't Vote

Even though everyone has the right to vote, voter turnout in both presidential elections and midterm elections is never anywhere near 100% of eligible voters. In fact, voter turnout in the U.S. is usually only about 50% for presidential elections, while it's around 40% for midterms.
Millions of people out there complain about all of the misdeeds of the right-wing, but they do not show up to the polls, thinking that their vote "won't make any difference", or some other nonsense. And so we always end up with these nail-biter elections that shouldn't even be close in the first place (such as this year's presidential election). Far too many people died so that every American can vote, but many people today seem to take this for granted. Those who don't vote are unaware of this, but they (as Rachel Maddow said in one commercial) are fulfilling someone else's plan by not voting. The millionaire plutocrats don't want high voter turnout. They know that they'll always have their loyal "puppies" swayed by wedge issues into voting for their side, and that's all who they want showing up to the polls.

Funny pic for all Pokemon fans here:


How are Democrats' chances looking of regaining the House and keeping the Senate?

It looks likely that Obama will be re-elected, but I'm curious how the Congressional races are looking this year. I want to see whether Obama will have an easier time getting his agenda through, or if he'll continue to face gridlock for the next 2 years. Does anybody here have some polling that shows some races? Thanks in advance.

A Message To The MSM

Will you please quit showing all these national polls already? Yes, we get it--about 47% of the country is made up of ignoramuses who will vote against their own fiscal interests no matter what. Okay. But national elections are determined by the electoral college, not by popular vote, meaning that there are essentially 50 separate presidential elections nationwide. And whenever there is a tie in the electoral college, then the House votes for president. There is no logical reason why it is necessary for you to continue showing national polls and attempting to make it seem like a horse race when everyone knows Romney is losing in just about every battleground state, so please stop. Thank you.

"Romnesia" Defined


The Biggest Obstacle In American Politics Towards Progress:


Willard Tweets Hillary About His Binders

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