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Member since: Wed Oct 12, 2011, 08:02 AM
Number of posts: 5,420

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Order my fucking pizza now assholes. Fuck you DU and all Hillary and Trump supporters. I've been on here (with a different ID in earlier years) since 2000 or 2004. It has been a great source of info. However with this election, I see that a large part of DU including the owners, are not liberal at all, but corporate water carriers. The people out here are dying and you want to vote a lying, manipulative, cheating bitch like Hillary in? She will cause more death, hopelessness, and despair under the guise of being on the peoples side. Fuck you all. You are NOT very different from the republicans. You are republican enablers and fail to see that all most all of our politicians are corrupt assholes; dems and republicans. May the people rise up and eat you for lunch. Tombstone me now and quit acting like you did away with time outs. I have been on "flagged for review" now for a month. You are learning well from lying Hillary by calling it by a different name while silencing Bernie supporters and doing exactly the same as your "time outs" I hope your "purge" destroys your site. and did I mention Fuck you?

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