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Michael Avenatti is starting to remind me of Tom Arnold.

I'm not sayin'
I'm just sayin'

Listening to Thom Hartmann. Apparently Bernie Sanders got elected President of Mexico.

Guest Greg Palast is saying that AMLO got in running on Bernie Sanders' platform. Saying that the similarities are scary close. AMLO ran for President 12 years ago, too, while Bernie was having brunch with Thom. Perhaps López Obrador had his own platform by then?

Palast made the comparison Bernie was a mayor, AMLO was a mayor too, but then qualified by saying AMLO was Mayor of a city that was a little bigger, a little rougher.

Burlington Vermont's population is around 43,000. Mexico City's population is close to 9,000,000. That's like 200 times the population.

I'm wondering when Bernie is going to travel to Mexico to start his Presidency. I'm sure he could teach the Mexicans how to make birria and raise corn.
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