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Hate Twitter?

I received an email today with the subject line, "Linda sent you an invitation" and the message, "Linda has invited you to join Twitter!" with a link under that, reading: "Accept invitation."

I only know one Linda, so I sent her this text:

"I'm waiting diligently for the day Twitter ceases to exist, so I never have to hear the words Twitter or tweet again. I have a deep, abiding faith in this future."

(Just my way of saying, "No, thank you."

Linda's reply text:

"it's especially bad for twitter illiterates like me who on their first investigation of the media accidentally checks a box that sends emails to everyone they know requesting they join and discover the blunder only when they see it in their husbands in box and realize it's just too late to do anything about it."

I was already not a big fan of Twitter, but I wouldn't have thought they would stoop that low.

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