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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,560

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a perpetually-beclowned turdwaffle like Peter "Remember the trade war, aka the multi-billion-dollar

crotch-punt to the economy? That was me!” Navarro

gambling that there’s electoral benefit in tens of millions worth of earned media featuring a demented idiot lying and passing the buck and whining and whining and whining and whining. Also, whining.

Also, tRump was on top of this from the beginning. His response was perfect, like the transcript.

He gives himself a 10 out of 10 on his response.

So don't point out that he's been in charge of the national pandemic emergency stockpiles for over 3 years, almost an entire presidential term.

No, see, there has to be some mistake here. This is 19 months before he was impeached.

'I, as president, have the power'

He's so busy working on his priorities, that he doesn't have the time to work on fighting the pandemic.

Odd, isn't it? He's usually a big proponent of the 'Unitary Executive' theory, that all the repugs

are so fond of advocating for, when a repug is president. That means that he does exactly what he wants, when he wants to, ignores state and local govs and laws, ignores the courts, ignores federal laws, ignores the senate and congress. All power accrues to him, to do exactly whatever he feels like doing.

Until it's time to do any actual work. Then it's the states' job to do the work, he's just a back up.

Hypocritical projection, victim blaming.

Blubbering draft dodger calls front line troops 'whiners'.

He's a wartime president. He'll be the first wartime president in history to lose an aircraft

carrier while the country's not at war.

So take that, you nevertRump naysayers.

His 120 million dollars worth of golfing...

His schedule where he starts work at 11 am, and works 3 hrs a day, at most.

His constant campaign rallies.

Funny how the repugs never pointed out that they needed to deal with covid, during the impeachment


You can tell they just thought up this nifty talking point.

What have you swine repugs been doing the last 2 months, since impeachment ended, you chinless weaselly cockroach?

Agreed. But what he actually said, when Gov Bullock told Dr. Fauci about the lack of tests,

is 'I haven't heard that'.

But he said that right after he heard that, from Gov. Bullock's own lips. Said it in response to hearing it from Bullock, that's how we can tell he heard it.

So I'm not quibbling semantically with you about 'seen' vs 'heard', your point's valid either way.

Just pointing out a reality denying verbal tactic from dRump and his nazi buddies, that they've been deploying a lot more recently: when you hear something that shows just how sucky you are, something that really makes you look bad, hurts your cause, just say 'I haven't heard that', and you've categorically addressed it, because you denied it, said it's not true, so the discussion's over.

Dismiss it by claiming you haven't heard it, though you just heard it. That allows you to then never follow up on it. You're telling the person who delivered the unwanted knowledge to you that you aren't even going to put it into your memory banks, you find the statement of fact false, so you're not letting it even enter your mind.

I'd like to see the reporters and opposing politicians counter his cheap rhetorical 3 card monty con by saying, 'No, you JUST heard it. So you HAVE heard it, a second ago. Now that you HAVE heard it, what are you going to do about it?'
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