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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 7,661

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Don't be stupid, be a smartie.

Come and join Rump's nazi party.

Disappointed dunsky, fake candyass half a wiseguy.

Putin is uncle daddy to the god emperor.

Double bluff?

Look, you obviously don't know anything about intelligence work, lady. It's an XK Red 27 technique.

The 'National Security' Party strikes again.

Putin's puppet.

Blubbering blasphemer.

Even Jesus wanted just a little more time
When he was walking spanish down the hall


Repugs are 'strong on national security'.

Hence the wall and ICE, and all that stuff.

Interesting. The russkies used to indict us, our country and government, as 'gangsters'.

Now Putin runs the russkie mob, and got an american mob suck up put in as puppet president.

His ridiculous coke abuser-like sniffs are his Hymen Roth / Meyer Lansky impersonation, that he got from Roy Cohn.

I can just see Vito Genovese, at his deportation hearing, telling the judge he was just 'being sarcastic'.

I agree that the mob bosses tell their flunkies conspiratorial plans, then tell the court later that they were joking, to avoid conspiracy charges and pin the crime on the underlings who committed the crime (they went broken arrow) and turned state's evidence and relayed the boss's conversation about planned conspiracy.

But they don't do it right on the stage, in front of cameras, with a megaphone. They're not joking or being sarcastic at press conferences where they proudly conspire. They don't even want phones around them when they're conspiring.

The closest thing to it would be Joe Colombo's Italian American Anti Defamation League campaign, before he got shot by some other mob boss. But Joe wasn't saying 'here's my plan to hijack that liquor shipment and run heroin' in front of mainstream mass media, then also saying he 'was joking or being sarcastic' to avoid the fallout.

DeNiro called Rump a disappointed Dunsky. He's a fake old tough guy candy ass half a mobster. Like he's a fake half a WASP aristocrat white collar wall st crook.

Dave Cay Johnston or Wayne Barrett said he never once went to talk to the Philly Mob's Scarfos or Testas in person, always sent a paid underling. He could never take the slightest personal physical risk, he was too delicate and precious. He's real good at playing Don Corleone onstage at a distance, though.

tRump knows if something's bad, you don't admit it in public,

so if he admits it in public, it must not be bad.

Act proud about something you should be ashamed of, that never seems to fail. -- Col. Korn, Catch 22.

He's very rich, worth 10 or 11 billion dollars.

He just can't afford to comp himself for his security costs that he incurs at his golf club, while we're paying him for him to go golf.

Cashed a 13 cent check from Spy Magazine, one time.

Basically, he's a fraud and pos in every way.
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