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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 6,867

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Hmm. Failing, virtual act of Treason, bad for our Country. Anything goes, Corrupt,

will do, or say whatever it takes, with not even the slightest thought of consequence! true coward, THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!

Every word he says is true. But the words just describe him, rather than the people he attacks.

Other than that, all true. Odd.

Fantastic resource. Thanks, nt.

Those are OUR documents. The peoples' documents.

Presidential Records Act trumps any nondisclosure agreement your lame reality tv 'star' ass made those officials sign. Shitler.

There's no prevailing orthodoxy here, sop. You've been here for 10+ years, so

you should know that. You should know the secret handshake by now, too.

Posting 10 s of thousands of comments here, over the years, just shows other post-ers more clearly where one is coming from, as a Dem. The content is the issue, not the numbers. Has nothing to do with 'cred'. If you don't like the smilies box function, don't use it. It doesn't affect me, either way.

Odd that you feel the need to spend your time and effort with a detailed critique of this site, while talking about how a ciritque is useless when dealing with that nazi carlson.

I already know about the Stewart exchange with Carlson and Begala. I read his book with the transcript. That's 4 wasted paras you typed, way more problematic than if you'd posted a rofl. Very murkily 'proving' some point you have. Plenty of people on this site are and have been involved in shutting off the revenue flow to Limpball, beck, o'liely, carlson, ingraham, and Fox.

You feel that carlson is just a well paid actor, and doesn't really believe his nazi schtick. That's one viewpoint. It's possible that he's a well-paid actor who does believe his nazi shit, too. There were plenty of true believers, plenty of opportunists, and plenty of opportunistic true believers in the reich.

Don't hate the player? We all just hate that bowtied nazi coz we wanna be him?

Another 'old timer' post-er who dusted off a years old account and posted 309 out of 372 posts total, in the last 90 days. Way to not address the issue, sop, about how fucker karlson lurves putin and russia, but says Mexico is a threatening foreign adversary.

The site could use a super mirt, for situations like this. Fully aware that I deserve a hide here, for interfering with forum moderation, etc.


Mc Mike

Another law breaking repug A.G.

Politicizing the justice dept. Using the powers of the Executive Branch to go after the repug prez's 'enemies'.

Put that on the taxpayers' tab.

Yeah. You can tell there's no collusion, no obstruction, by how tRump has to say it a hundred times

per day. Every day.

Not to mention that nastiness is one of dRump's primary defining characteristics.

His fans tune in to watch him be nasty, to everyone, all the time. All the biggest cheers and laughs at his rallies come from his nasty attacks against his 'enemies'. But he's telling us one of the most important 'values' he holds is 'opposition to nastiness'.

Lying, doublthinking, propagandic nazi clown.

Right. Isn't it funny how this freak prides himself on violating all norms,

and DEMANDS that every norm about respecting the President and the Office of the Presidency be honored?
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