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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
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In my area, in '04, they were using the info to forge re-registrations,

they registered people to other political party affiliations, at other addresses.

People showed up to vote, and weren't on the rolls. They said they voted there many times before, but that didn't matter. Some left without voting, some insisted on voting and voted at what they thought was the correct district with provisional ballots. Ballots which were then tossed, because the voter was in fact registered to vote elsewhere. All provisional ballots aren't bad or useless, but the felony re-registration scheme from Sproul's people made those ones useless.

The confusion this created backed up the voting lines. And there were official repug party Poll Watchers in those same targeted districts, who were issuing challenges to a bunch of voters, at the same time, in synchronicity with Sproul's efforts, which backed up the lines more. So Dem heavy precincts lost people at the back of the hours long line, who couldn't stay to vote, and they lost people who tried to vote all day long, and wound up casting fruitless discounted provisional ballots.

You're right, they also did toss new registrations in the trash (a felony), and they did use the re-registration to create more ghost repug #s, too. I don't know what those assholes are pulling in '16. I've been looking for info or signs of what they're up to, they're obviously doing some thing the repugs think is worth paying for.

Banco Ambrosiano:

" In 1981, police raided the office of Propaganda Due Masonic lodge to apprehend the Worshipful Master Licio Gelli and uncover further evidence against Roberto Calvi. Calvi was arrested, put on trial, and sentenced to four years in prison. However, he was released pending an appeal and retained his position at the bank. Other alarming developments followed: Carlo de Benedetti of Olivetti bought into the bank and became deputy chairman, only to leave two months later after receiving Mafia threats and lack of co-operation from Calvi. His replacement, a longtime employee named Roberto Rosone, was wounded in a Mafia shooting incident. The criminal organization responsible for this shooting was the Banda della Magliana (Magliana Gang) which had taken over Rome's underworld in the late 1970s, and has been related to various political events of the anni di piombo (years of lead).

In 1982, it was discovered that the bank was unable to account for $1.287 billion (equivalent to $3.16 billion in present-day terms). Calvi fled the country on a false passport, and Rosone arranged for the Bank of Italy to take over. Calvi's personal secretary, Graziella Corrocher, left a note denouncing Calvi before leaping to her death from her office window. Calvi's body was found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge in London on June 18.


Roberto Calvi's 1982 murder

David Yallop believes that Calvi, with the assistance of P2, may have been responsible for the death of Albino Luciani who, as Pope John Paul I, was planning a reform of Vatican finances. This is one of many conspiracy theories about Luciani, who died of a heart attack. However, Calvi's family maintains that he was an honest man manipulated by others. Their perspective informs Robert Hutchison's 1997 book Their Kingdom Come: Inside the Secret World of Opus Dei. According to the magistrates who indicted Licio Gelli, P2's headmaster, and Giuseppe Calò for Calvi's murder, Gelli would have ordered his death to punish him for embezzlement of his and the mafia's money, while the mafia wanted to stop him from revealing the way Calvi helped it in money laundering. "


Licio Gelli and Stefano Delle Chiaie:

" Stefano Delle Chiaie (born 13 September 1936 in Caserta) is a neofascist Italian activist (founder of Avanguardia Nazionale, 1960, member of Ordine Nuovo, and founder of Lega nazionalpopolare, 1991). He went on to become a wanted man worldwide, suspected of involvement in Italy's strategy of tension, but was acquitted. He was a friend of Licio Gelli, grandmaster of P2 masonic lodge. He was suspected of involvement in South America's Operation Condor, but was acquitted. He is known by his nickname caccola (shorty) as he is five feet tall - although he states that originally, the nickname came from his very young involvement, at age 14, in the Italian Social Movement (MSI, a neo-fascist party founded after the war);[1] the name is not particularly flattering as caccola, in Italian, also means "booger".

Founder of Avanguardia Nazionale in 1960

Delle Chiaie began as member of the Italian Social Movement (MSI), a neo-fascist party. However he rejected the participation of the MSI in elections, preferring to take the battle to the streets. After participating to the foundation of the Centri Studi Ordine Nuovo with members of the MSI, he created the small Gruppi di Azione Rivoluzionari (GAR) at the end of the 1950s. Involved in various political actions, such as protesting against Eisenhower's visit to Italy or fighting against Italian Communist Party members, he already maintained close international links, notably with the Austrian Konrad Windisch, leader of the neo-Nazi Kameradschaftsring Nationaler Jugendverbände (KNJ).[2] He then formed, in 1960, the National Vanguard ("Avanguardia Nazionale" as a street-fighting group. Around this time, he also became a member of the secret P2 Masonic Lodge. "


Licio Gelli and Opus Dei:

" Gelli's relationship with (Klaus) Barbie would continue well into the early 1980s, by which time the former Gestapo chief was deeply entrenched in Bolivia. Ironically, Barbie had been tasked with suppressing Freemasonry in Holland when he was sent there in early 1940. By all accounts he managed this task with ruthless efficiency. But moving along.

Also during World War II Gelli seems to have made contact with the founder of another secret organization that crops up time and again in the saga of P2. The individual in question was Josemaria Escriva and the secret society was Opus Dei. Reportedly the ties Gelli developed with either were quite beneficial, especially during Gelli's years aiding the "Ratlines."


"Gelli's Rat Line funneled Nazis to South America. Though Gelli gets the historical credit because he headed it up, the Rat Line was an Opus Dei scheme of which Gelli was an operations officer.
In 1946, Escriva and Gelli enlisted Carlos Fuldner into the ranks of Opus Dei. Fuldner had been an officer in Hitler's SSGuard and an old friend of Escriva, the reason why Escriva was able to make his remark in 1941 'Hitler will take care of the Jews...' Only the SS Guard knew what was going on in the death camps at that time.
Gelli and Fuldner ran rescue efforts from Madrid to Argentina for Nazi war criminal seeking refuge. Among those rescued were Adolf Eichmann and Joseph Mengele though there are conflicting reports the latter may have escaped through the Pius XII Rat Line – a network of monasteries from Poland to Naples to South America."

(Murder in the Vatican, Lucien Gregoire, pgs. 128) "


Kick for Peter Schweizer, James Kallstrom, Robert Mercer, and Nosferatu Giuliani.

Rudy really is a lipless mutant.

And I believe that Putin took over the Rusian Orthodox Church.

But they're just one of the tools he uses. To me, there is no "CIA good - FBI bad" clearly delineated dichotomy. And there is a connection between non-Catholic, non Opus Dei alt-right hackers here and Putin's "non-Orthodox Christian" intel agency hackers over there. Nazis in bed with commies, religious or not. Anti-catholic and "anti-commie" Birchers here in bed with the top world commie Putin's people there.

This explains dRumpf's stupid and incomprehensible slam at the Al Smith dinner

about how Clinton "hates Catholics", probably. He's telegraphed what he believes his campaign's "devastating" punches are going to be, before. Because they brief him, and he's pretty stupid and cocky and big mouthed, like li'l bush.

Maddow just covered the NY FBI field office's breitbart fans, pushing for an investigation of Sec. Clinton, based on some stupid Peter Schweizer tabloid syle "expose" book. Hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer is the biggest funder of dRumpf, he funds the "Keep the Promise" super pac and is breitbart's biggest funder. The leaders (Bannon, Conaway, Bossie) of those two orgs all are top people inside the dRumpf campaign, now. Bannon and Conaway are also members of the Council for National Policy:
Mercer funds the Government Accountability Institute, run by Bannon and Peter Schweizer, Schweizer is also a Breitbart senior editor. The question is whether Robert Mercer is Opus Dei.

I've been pointing out Opus Dei as bad guys on this site for years, because I'm a catholic and hate nazi cultists. Your info on a specific sub grouping of cultist Feds is new to me, and interesting. I can't add any new info on that section of Fed cultists, though.

Some people don't know Opus Dei at all, or think its adherents are like that self flagellating albino guy that chased mullet-hairdoo-ed Tom Hanks around in that stupid Dan Brown movie. Easy to spot, don't blend in well in crowds. But if they're wearing a suit and flashing an FBI badge, Justice needs to clean house pronto. OPR investigations, firings, and jailings need to take place.

Clarence Thomas went to a Jesuit run institution for his Bachelors, I went there too, much later. I think he got his nickname "Slappy" there. There were 2 opposing factions there, extreme righties and Liberation Theologists. It's not too hard to guess which side Slappy has always been on, but reports about his Opus Dei involvment say that Scalia personally mediated Thomas's conversion to Catholicism after Thomas got confirmed to the Supreme Court. Decades later. Bullhockey.

In the '80's, the American Bishops stood against the extreme right wing push coming from JP II and Ratzinger, his Doctrine Office (the Inquisition's modern incarnation) enforcer. After decades of Ratzinger and JP II rule, those US Bishops who'd come from Vatican II have been gradually replaced by crazy right wingers. Just like the magic those 2 popes worked on the US bishops, they targeted and eliminated Jesuit leaders and put their own people in. They replaced General Kolvenbach, the head of the order, with General Nicholas. They got rid of the head of the Jesuit newspaper, Father Tom Reese, and elevated John Foster Dulles' son, Avery Dulles, SJ, to the rank of Cardinal. When Ratzinger became Pope, he issued a very public slapdown to Latin American Lib Theologians in the church, green lighting anything certain other elements in the church might want to do to them.

Without the investigations by the FBI, Justice Dept., and DEA, a lot of aspects of the CIA's arms-drugs-terrorist funding in Iran Contra would have gone un abated, so the "good and bad" lines between the FBI and CIA aren't so clearly drawn. There are good factions and bad ones in both of them, the good one in the CIA was ridiculously ineffective at dealing with the Allen Dulles end.

Hoover had people helping him run things, a bizarre little hard core at the top of his junta, of blackmailably gay people, like Clyde Tolson and Cartha DeLoach. Apparently, his outfit was run along the same lines as the World Wrestling Federation. (Funny to see Hulk Hogan backing dRumpf.)

There were plenty of terrible anti-Democracy things Hoover and his tightly controlled Bureau did. But Hoover died in 5/72, Truman in 12/72, and Johnson in 1/73. They were all old men, and sometimes old men die, but when the mob is discussing whether or not to allow a hit on a top organized crime leader, the other leaders say "sometimes it's better if old men die." All 3 of those old men were leaders who were opposed to the bush-Nixon-Dulles crowd.

Hoover had been worried that the CIA would take over the FBI, but when he died Patrick Gray from Naval Intel took over the Feds.

Nullification, secession, civil war. That's the repug brand.

Violating their sworn oath of office. Felony foreswearing, committing treason. Pretending they won't affirm a Dem appointee because they want a nominee who is a "strict Constitutionalist" -- while they're violating the fucking Constitution in order to get the appointee who they say will "value" the Constitution like they do.

Here's an idea. The Dem president withholds the Senate's pay, until they do their job. I'd have every type of armed federal LEO camped out in the governmental offices where congressional paychecks are generated and disbursed.

Sub posts show up as o.p. s, when I'm looking for the whole thread.

Here's an example:


This has happened several times.

I could take advantage and rec my sub post, i suppose, though it doesn't seem kosher to do so.

But I used key words I recalled from past discussions to look the main o.p. info up, and there's no way to get to the whole o.p. discussion, for the info I was looking for, when only my subpost comes up as a stand alone o.p.

And I already know what I said.

Is it a glitch, or a data storage space-saving decision DU made, that there's no way around?

Some discerning soul just recced my sub-post in the link.
Not cricket, I know, but I was desperate for recs.

Are we talking about James Kallstrom on the fed end?


Randi Rhodes is covering the fact that Kallstrom's "marine charity" is the one that dRUmpf finally coughed up his veteran's donation to, once the WaPo embarrassed him enough for lying and not donating to any vets org, after his big mouthed bragging about his HYUUGE "$6 million" photo-op fundraiser "for vets".

Marine Corp - Law Enforcement Foundation

They just use the same office space, same supporter data bases, same websites and computer assets,

same phone systems, same personnel, and they're just backing the same candidate. And they're just from the same repug party. And they're just saying the exact same things, publicly.

Other than that, there's absolutely NO connection between those groups.

I'm sure the benevolent anti-racist billionaire philanthropist will write a check for the damages.

Hopefully his supporters will hold their breath while they wait for him to do so.
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