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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
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It really piques me when he refers to himself as "Trump".

As if that word is short hand for "The wonderful, august, storied, successful institution known as tRump".

When it's really shorthand for "The repulsive, disgusting, mob kiss ass, Putin kiss ass, sleazy, scam artist, multiple felon, corporate welfare king, felony tax fraudster, sex criminal, degenerate, blubbery orange bald pig eyed nazi turd know as dRumpf".

These assholes were sworn in to the Senate.

They swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. So he's bragging about committing a treasonous felony. All of the repugs who are not holding a hearing for Garland, and saying "you can't make us do our job", are committing both treason and felonies.

This is the earliest o.p. I see on the subject.

Anthony Weiner, Andy Breitbart, Alfa Bank. 2 separate hacks on Weiner show that alt-right US nazis and Putin Intel Mafiya hackers are separate entities, but united in their aims.


I'd like to suggest that military intel high tech assets Putin moved into Ukraine are some important component of Putin's cyber attacks. I'm sure Alfa Bank is a set in stone entity, with a lot of computer banks, memory capacity, cooling systems, communication lines, etc. But that means our intel know where it is, what lines of communication it uses, etc. The same might not be said for mobile military intel units who set up some computer hardware and communication infrastructure, maybe for boosting signals, communication bankshots, bouncing things off of satellites, some mobile unit with large memory capacity needed to overwhelm secure firewalls. Some mobile offensive cyber military intel unit.

We have Manfort's Ukranian connections, dRumpf's Ukranian policy changes at the RNC. This Alfa has Ukranian Mikhail Fridman. Ukranian mob hackers are involved in phishing against Clinton, Podesta, Weiner, DNC. The dRumpf end of the relationship was doing other business from '09 - '10, and was quiet until late June, when it started getting busy with Alfa. Russian intel hacker cozy bear was implicated in the hacks into U.S. politics. And the Russians moved a military force into Ukraine, where they had Putin oligarch buddies and friendly Ukranian mafiya assets.
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