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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 9,008

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Rudy did it.

It's just that tRump kept telling people to do what Rudy wanted them to do, while Rudy was doing it.

That's the only hole in their genius strategy.

So the repugs' 'mainstream' snot nosed rightie demands safe space on campuses, then the repugs'

radical activists (nazis) get to come into those safe spaces, protected by police, and hold little nazi charlottesville rallies. The radicals get to move right into that shell forum. On campus, with any actual dem or left student staved off by police. Coz free speech.

It's essentially a tRump campaign event, leeches off of blue city and state resources, saps them.

He's a Law and Order President.

From the Law and Order Party.

You can tell how innocent he is, by how he covers everything up about all his actions.

Absolute immunity, and unclaimed Executive Privilege.

Too bad he got so much free publicity for his freelance work for tRump from tRump.

Independent contractor, like a uber driver, eh, Rudy?

Caught a vid clip of that coward running away from a woman reporter, then running back

when he didn't like what she was saying about him running off. He had only stupid things to say when he came back, but he sure was scared to stop and talk to the US media asking about how repugs are cowardly traitors who can't answer for their tRump support.

Take that, Wodinists!

Duterte does a mean impression of shitler crapping his pants, and losing his dentures simultaneously

Yeah, they suck as business people, always lose money. Rump senior cashed a 13 cent check

from Spy magazine, one time.

But they're taking millions in, in illicit and illegal deals, world wide, every year. Keeps them living like they actually are rich, to the standards they're accustomed to.

Never thought they were worth 11 billion, after all those casino bankruptcies, and their main properties have revenue streams dropped to 20% of what they were, coz the brand sucks and is poison.

But they claim to be worth 11 thousand million dollars, at the same time as they want to talk about giving up, what, $50 million? 20? 3?

We used to have 11,000 million, but we sacrificed so much we only have 10,800 $1,000,000.

So don't whine about getting killed fighting for the US.
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