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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 9,004

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He can't fool us by agreeing with us.

You know what's missing from the summary vol II, para 5, is the fact that Rosenstein told Rump he would resign if Rump said Comey was fired because of Rosenstein's recommendation.

Seems like a fact that is pertinent to obstruction.

Over $90 million spent on him golfing, so far.

As of March 22, this year.

Look, he gets overwrought sometimes. Starts thrashing around on the floor,

chewing the fancy rugs, etc.

The crazy report that completely exonerated him?

Ex-honor-ated him.

Watch out for people who, when you see them, aren't taking notes. Very suspicious when they don't do that.

You should see this guy, he's like "Uggg, I don't know what I said! I don't remember!"

Just play that cute attack of his on serge Kovaleski over and over on a loop. Interspliced with all the things he doesn't remember, listed one at a time.

Also, he doesn't remember all those times when he bragged about having the best memory.

Wuxtry wuxtry: Special schutzstaffel snowflakes seek safe spaces!

Read all about it.

Can't interfere with repuglinazi free speech, now.

He seems like a crooked felon scammer, an habitual scofflaw, a greedy moocher who never pays his

fair share but whines all the time how our infrastructure isn't up to his standards.

But, I may be prejudging him.

Odd how often he tells everyone around him to break the law.

Most untraditional, from a 'Chief Law Enforcement Official' standpoint.

I wonder why he would ever be under investigation, for anything.

I'm afraid you have that backwards, bircher Fischer.


See, how it is, is you're a complete hypocrite who always backs the ungody, satanic tRump. While saying how holy you are for condemning aberrant sex. But now you'll bring up tRump's aberrant sex, though not to condemn tRump, just to attack someone who isn't a nazi. Never heard one peep from you about how disqualifyingly un-godly that fat orange crooked nazi is, despite all the manifest evidence.

We don't try to control others' sex lives in the name of 'god', you do. It's your schtick. But you don't perform your usual schtick the one time it would be justified, to attack the polygamous, adulterous lecher who's also an evil big nazi.

Somehow, you think that means you can say WE'RE the hypocrites. Lying evil nazi bircher that you are.
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