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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 9,001

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Thanks, r C c. Rec.

That's a shyteload of 'c' s, in the story.

Cape Canaveral's Comprehensive / Caliburn / D.C. Capital employs ex-Chief of Staff to cash in on child camps.

Kape kanaveral's komprehensive, kaliburn, dc kapital employs chief kelly to kash in on child kamps, (if hooked on phonics works for you.)

When a Dem is in charge of the country,

if a natural disaster strikes a red area, the Dems help that area, because we're all Americans.

When a repug is in charge, if a natural disaster hits a blue area, the repugs don't help, but pile on to hurt the area, because there's nobody they hate more than Americans who disagree with them politically. Those fellow Americans are at the top of the repugs' enemies list. Frankly, they behave treasonously.

This is just an extension of that standard operating procedure. They're in charge, so they'll actually use the government to attack blue area Americans, their biggest enemies.

All those blue area cities would welcome the chance to host and help those asylum seekers. But the repugs want to saddle us with obligations and oversight, no power or finances to help those people.

clearly descended directly from some sort of mutant loophole-seeking tapeworm.

Laurence Tribe on Barr -- some topnotch alliteration.

Barr has no shame. Hes become a caricature of a lawyer and a miserable excuse for a public servant. A pathetic porcine puppet for a puerile president.

Then the same young repugs invite Richard Spencer to speak on campus.

It's free speech for their nazi to speak, but how dare an elected Dem say something they don't like?

They know they're nazis, and know they're full of shit.

Now she's a celebrity. So can I now quote noted celebrity

Candace owens regarding celebrities who talk about politics? "Nobody cares what you think."

Putin told him he doesn't need to staff those positions.

Tax returns, twitler, tax returns.

"You made up the cover up I'm currently engaged in!",

he blubbered, "It's so unfair!"

Yeah, the 'free press'. Bircher Jones and Rump love each other and the free press.

Jones isn't part of the lyin fake media his hero Rump is always blubbering about.
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