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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,991

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Fell to blubbering again, eh, twitler?

Innerestin to see those repugs' keen awareness of racism.

Can't slip a dog-whistle past THEM.

Funny how he could never monitor what those nazi fans of his were saying, before.

Their little blubbery whiny whinges are their way of saying they're still in charge, still

the authorities. They still are the final judge of how things should be, propriety.

They also were big on the dress code, when they ran the House. Now they flout it.
They also demanded tax returns when they ran the House, now demands for tax returns make them furious.
They also just had a staff lawyer question Ms. Ford, now Barr won't testify because staff lawyers shouldn't get to question him.

It's a psy op. Remember when candidate Obama was attacked for not wearing a flag pin? Then after a vet who backed Obama got him to wear the pin, Karl Rove appeared on Sunday MTP or FTN to explain how the Dems rushed us into the Iraq war, and he wasn't wearing his flag pin.

The repugs were saying they'd 'established' that they were the authorities who get to judge the patriotism of Dems, and after they did that, there was no reason for them to prove their own patriotism anymore. After all, they were the established authorities.

Dr. Seuss described that phenomenom in his Star Bellied Sneetches story.

Rump orders the lawyer to change his account of Rump's previous obstruction orders.

Rump isn't worried about criticism. He's worried that McGahn's testimony shows Rump committing obstruction, so he commits obstruction again, by ordering McGahn to lie about Rump's previous obstruction attempts.
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