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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,991

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Oddly, this o.p. is on the front page right across from Robert DeNiro

saying 'fuck tRump' to thousands of cheering Tony Awards Attendees.

Wonder what their input would be?

Royal family bloodline. Why Friedrich married Mary MacLeod.

She's super inbred, to stack up that royal family blood.

2 hours 15 min of 'work'. Some lunch. Unspecified media availability time.

Sounds about right for t Rump.

He's an habitual criminal.

I remember that interview Stephanopolous did with the brain dead nazi.

Shitler went into the interview having bragged about how close he was with Putin, they 'were both on 60 Minutes together'.

Steph asked about the possibility of Russia invading Ukraine. Shitler said 'it's not going to happen', like Vladwouldn't dare, he would be too scared to try that. 'Mark it down, put it down'.

Steph said 'He's already invaded Crimea.' Shitler said 'I know that', 'it's terrible, it's all Obama's fault'.

Steph said 'But you said you might recognize Russia's annexation as legitimate.' Shitler said the people in Crimea wanted to be annexed.

Then Shitler said he didn't know Putin.

So in one brief timespan of a few minutes, it was 'Putin and I are close friends. AND Putin fears me too much to mess with me. And Obama is bad for letting Putin invade Ukraine. It's terrible that Putin invaded Ukraine. And the people in the Ukraine wanted Putin to invade, I'll recognize Putin's right to own Ukraine. It's good that Putin invaded Ukraine. I don't know Putin.'

Right. Why blame Vlad, your buddy, for actually invading Crimea?

Make sure you end those sanctions that were put in to punish Vlad for invading, dRumpfenfuhrer.

Then scream and cry about how the 'fake news' says you're Putin's puppet.

I notice that the o.p.er is showing the VV article I posted is written by a bad guy, coz a guy from

Reason doesn't like him.


Don't know the o.p.er, but trust sourcewatch over the Koch bros. Looks like another attempt to inject rightwingery into the mainstream of athiesm/agnosticism.

Good info, bookmarked, thanks, DV. nt

191 arguments by tRump against the Russian probe.

Awan's work in Project Alamo should put him in jail. His Alfa Bank server stuff is beyond the pale,

too. All that Kushner and Cambridge connected stuff, his work with the russkie troll farms, his wikileaks ties, etc. Obviously, an international felon and treasonous spy.

Er, whoops, I got confused.

Yep. He forgets what lie he told us 5 seconds ago. He forgets everything

he ever said or did, when he's being deposed.

He forgets hundreds of interactions with Russians, from the '90's through today.

But he never forgets a grudge, never forgets a slight, never forgets a loss, or a reality tv style feud.
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