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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
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There was this guy named Carlos Tresca.

Newspaper publisher, IWW activist, all around good guy and anti nazi.


During WWII, when the world was being told that 'Mussolini wiped out organized crime in Italy', Tresca kept writing about Mussolini's organized crime ties and actual fascism.

Mussolini's buddy Vito Genovese, living in fascist Italy at the time, sent Carmine Galante to assassinate Tresca. Surprisingly, the police surveillance team that was following Tresca (NOT the violent criminal Galante) around all the time lost him right before he was murdered.

Tresca had said that if he was killed, the person to blame was Genoroso Pope, a fascist mobbed up Italian NY tabloid publisher.

OK, so you know how Il Douche, MousseOLini is a mobbed up racist nazi, and struts around with his arms crossed and his chin jutting out, like Il Duce Mussolini? His favorite print source 'real news' is the National Enquirer. Founded by Genoroso Pope's son, Genoroso Pope, Junior.

So the story about how Mussolini and his best buddy Vito Genovese wiped out organized crime in Italy is exactly the same story we're getting today. D Rump is a hard core 'law and order' president, trailing thousands of court cases and mob ties behind him, while attacking the FBI, the Attorneys General, the Courts, and all top law enforcement.

His best buddy allies are the two crusading NY area hard core law and order DAs, Rudy G and Chris C. Those guys wiped out the mob in NY and NJ, that's why there's no organized crime there anymore. Pay no attention to the dRumpfenfuhrer's ties to the Genoveses and Gambinos, John Cody, Joe Weichselbaum, Roy Cohn, Mike Cohen, Felix Sater, etc.

Those 2 Italians that got killed up in the Bronx were on the Mussolini fred dRumpf side of things. Fred's kid is a mobbed up racist nazi, who can be connected in a direct line of descent to Mussolini.
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