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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,991

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Mr. and Ms. Hasson seem to be pretty sneaky and coy about their involvement.

Which smells like Opus Dei. And The Becket Fund are right wing pigs, hooked into the Kochs. So it the Ethics and Public Policy Center, where Ms. Hasson works:

Purely bircher funded, though it has catholic and jewish members on the board.

Vatican II wasn't promulgated with these creeps in mind. They just used the door it opened.

And it is transparent b.s. to have the reich wing complain that anyone who thinks there's something wrong with this little group is engaged in the same kind of anti-catholicism that attacked JFK and Al Smith.

Because these creeps are with the people who attacked JFK and Al Smith, just because they were Catholic. Now the repugs have some insane rightwing catholics, and they want to pretend we're the bigots, just attacking their little nazi cultists because they're 'catholic.' Tryin to spin our heads.

We'll keep your advice in mind. Comrade.


No carriage ride. Everybody hates me.

'Sorry, li'l donnie, we just can't control how 95% of our citizens hate your guts.' I'd love to see how the diplomatic communique expressing that fact was worded.

Maybe his hosts can roll a buckboard around the courtyard, with him in it, at the country estate.

"... the brain...The brain ... the brain. The brain..." nt

It'll be a tRump style homerun. It'll start on 3rd base, and inexplicably run out into right field.

And get beaned by the in-play baseball, then by a battery whipped from the stands, then it's pants will fall down around it's feet, then it'll get tagged out.

Then he'll declare that he hit a homerun.

Make us, you fat load of nazi shit.

I predicted he'd do this, 3 + months ago.


"...He told those Moon Twp morons he brought a new auto plant to Michigan. He probably told Michigan about all the coal jobs he made in W. Virginia. Then he'll tell W VA about the new steel mill he opened in PA.

None of them will catch on that none of them are working, in any state, in any industry d Rump 'saved'. "

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