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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
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Thanks for your work. Congratulations on 50,000.

I didn't have the whole historic overview of where the on line / street theatre right wing provocateur movement was coming from, and the MS article fills in the info. There were a lot of people and incidents in the article that I saw reported on by different media sources as they came up, but I hadn't ever put the pieces together.

It all boils down to some whiny right wingnuts wailing "How dare you not be tolerant of our nazi-style intolerance?" The creeps who attack and death threaten everyone now piss and moan about how they're being attacked.

There is one big squirming maggot nest of them, all combined, the echoes people, the O Keefe breitbart Milo provocateur "reporters", the online MRA manosphere. They attack, then the staid authorities in charge of academia and in the corporate press give credence and coverage to their hysterical claims that they're being attacked. Exactly like the coverage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and the debate around it.

Their crazy, gleefully evil crowd has constantly attacked (EVERYONE) and threatened violence, and then runs and makes an appeal to authorities to "please defend us poor right wingers because we're being attacked". To be forced to debate that alt-reality with these people, by "referees" who are academic or media authorities, is itself a propagandic black psy-op attack on all the people who those rightie freaks are attacking. ("Dig, it's like Gaslight" -- Lenny Bruce)

When this crowd were 7 year olds, they were cowardly bullies on the playground. They would see a kid they thought they could pick on, and once they were sure of a win, would take the kid's hand and hit the kid in the face with it, and say "stop hitting yourself!" There was never a valid "free speech" debate argument to be had, in a discussion between the coward bully and the person getting hit, about who was attacking and who wanted the attacks to stop. In any discussion occurring during the attack, any verbal response was another victory for the attacker, because their stupid seven year old alt-reality was being discussed, when both sides knew it was fiction. The only proper response was a good swift kick in the ding ding.

And those rightie cowards still think their seven year old kid alt-reality strategy is genius. Because actual reality hasn't caught up to them yet.

There are 2 bombshells that indies and lower-info voters can grasp.

Trump's foreign policy favors could be bought by Putin, with real estate projects. Our country's foreign policy could be sold to Putin. Just Trump and his family would profit, and the US would pay the price.

And the major media source concluded that the only way this wouldn't be true is if the Trumps completely and permanently divest from the Trump Org. Which would just leave them Trump Foundation, I guess, and maybe Trump University. Newsweek is calling for Trump to be forced to divest, and issuing a challenge to other media to follow them in endorsing this solution to candidate Trump's serious foreign policy - financial ethics conflict of interest.

Failure to completely divest completely disqualifies candidate Trump from being President.

I think that Prez O doesn't want to go into this election with another

explosively fractured and destabilized factor in the Middle East combat maelstrom. And I know that the repugs DO want to add another explosive Mid East problem for the Dems to deal with.

I can't stand the bush family's Saudi buddies as much as anyone else can't, but where were these repug law makers, with their calls to punish the Saudi terror connection, for the last 15 fucking years? Or where were they to even investigate it, for goodness sake? They had 9 hearings about 9/11/12, and NEVER DID a thing about the real 9/11 attacks.

Psst, generals.

"The U.S. outpaces all other nations in military expenditures. World military spending totaled more than $1.6 trillion in 2015. The U.S. accounted for 37 percent of the total.

U.S. military expenditures are roughly the size of the next seven largest military budgets around the world, combined.

U.S. military spending dwarfs the budget of the #2 country – China. For every dollar China spends on its military, the U.S. spends $2.77."


Backing the guy who plays footsie with Putin and wants to dismantle NATO (and the VA) probably isn't the best move, in terms of strategic military thought.

I wonder if General Schachnow has met Drump's Holocaust-denying foreign policy advisor Joe Schmitz:

The general either doesn't know what he's talking about, at all, or he knows and is a bad person. He deserves respect and consideration for his decades long service to the US in the military, and for being someone who lived through Hitler's genocide. But he deserves zero respect for backing someone who has a ton of nazi ties, and who wants to destroy the US's alliances and rattle the saber against our southern neighbor.

Every bit of his campaign's media strategy is a calculated exercise in double thinking propaganda.

Swinish republicans like Ailes and Rove are in the background orchestrating his moves. Sure, he says stupid things off the cuff, all the time, but he went to Mexico to inoculate himself against charges that he's threatening to go to war with our southern neighbors, to play to the concerned independents who don't hate all Hispanics. Then he appears with Arpaio and Brewer in AZ to beat his chest and storm like Hitler about how all Hispanics are evil illegal alien killers. He was so quiet and respectful and presidential on the stage with Prez Nieto, then flash forward to the other side of the border, where he gives his cheering xenophobic base the red meat they desire.

Completely scripted.

I remember an interview where Michael Moore talked to a Dem congressman Jim McDermott, who was also a psychologist, about the bush Admin's Homeland Security pronounciations. They would make threatening announcements about heighthened alerts and new terror threats, and between the 'threats' would sprinkle in other official presidential pronouncements like 'Americans should live their lives, travel and visit other parts of America, go to Disneyland'. McDermott described that process as akin to telling a dog you're training two conflicting orders one after the other, which just confuses the dog.

That's what the repugnant gop brains behind trump are doing right now.

Yep. The nazis started purging their own, right away, as soon as they gained power.

And they kept doing so right up to the time when the Russians were shelling Berlin. Hitler called for the arrest and execution of General Helmuth Karl Weidling, because his front-line headquarters for the 56th Panzer Corp was out of communication with any other reich hq, due to constantly being encircled by Katukov's Tank Army. He and his troops had been fighting on the front lines in the Berlin suburbs the whole time, which was why he couldn't communicate with superiors, and the result of his bravery was a call for his execution, for desertion.

Martin Bormann engineered a situation where Hitler accused Bormann rival Hermann Goering of treason and ordered him to resign or be executed. Luckily for Goering, he wasn't in Berlin. SS Grupenfuhrer Hermann Fegelein was still in Berlin and was arrested and executed while the bombs were falling, because he was Himmler's liason officer at the Fuhrerbunker, and the nazis couldn't get their hands on Himmler himself. Himmler had been voted off the island for negotiating with the enemy for surrender. Fegelein was married to Eva Braun's sister, but it didn't help.

That's the nazi mind. Alway have to toss someone on the bonfire, even when the whole building's ablaze. They started with purges, expanded the purges, purged their 'enemies' all along, and purged right up to the time when they were being wiped out in their last stronghold.

But don't worry, republicans. It will never happen to YOU. Ride that orange wave.

Here's another fan of Bircher Jones':

"The man charged with murdering three Pittsburgh police officers Saturday posted messages to a racist Web forum, considered getting a white supremacist tattoo, used racial insults online, and reportedly believed that Jews control America.
Around the same time, Hatewatch found, he posted a message to Stormfront.org, the largest white supremacist forum in the world, with a photograph of an eagle tattoo that he has on his chest and a mention that he was thinking about adding more tattoos. “I was considering getting life runes on the outside of my calfs [sic], or just one on my penis maybe,” he said in the posting, referring to the symbol of the National Alliance, for decades America’s leading neo-Nazi group until nearly collapsing in recent years.

At the same time, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported today, Poplawski, 22, believed that the United States was run by a secret cabal of Jews, feared an attack on gun rights, thought that U.S. troops would be used against citizens, and concluded that 30 states had already declared their “sovereignty.” He also was said to be a fan of far-right websites run by antigovernment conspiracy-monger Alex Jones. Much of the Post-Gazette’s information came from Edward Perkovic, who told the paper — and numerous other media outlets — that he was Poplawski’s lifelong best friend. Perkovic said that his friend was opposed to “Zionist propaganda” and had told him that he would “defend himself” if anyone tried to take his guns away.

Perkovic appears to share those beliefs and then some. Until the MySpace profile belonging to “Eddie Perkovic” (which mentions his friend, Richard Poplawski) was scrubbed over the weekend, it contained a wealth of neo-Nazi material captured by Hatewatch. "


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