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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,508

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Thanks, m t. + 10 million. I wanted to do a 'sum up' like this, but

the repugs are using their patented 'be wrong about everything, in every way possible' approach. Makes my head hurt too much to act, I was busy holding it on so it wouldn't blow off.

Repugs running on '9-11 national security foreign policy failures'? While the NY Times' Kurt Eichenwald's piece on l'il bush ignoring umpteen warnings about the real 9-11 was gaining traction in the media? Attacking the prez who killed bin-Laden for being weak in national security and foreign policy? Terror attacks timed for the anniversary of 9-11, but no group wants to forward a credible claim of responsibility? The party that screamed 'Don't you dare politicize 9-11 attacks' the last time around attacks the US government while it is under attack by enemies? Ryan faults Embassy security and simultaneously proudly admits cutting the security budget because he's a deficit hawk? Ghadaffi was a strong man who ruled with an iron fist, but gets speedily deposed by someone, who nevertheless isn't strong enough to prevent the attack by 'fundy fanatic' amateurs? Oversight from repugs like Issa and McCain, who did and do nothing to investigate 9-11? McCain leveling charges against Susan Rice instead of Condi Rice? The guy that gave us dim wit Palin calling our Ambassador stupid? Repugs leveling charges of 'lying or stupid' against Dems, while proudly touting Reagan and giving rubber stamp approval to l'il bush? I could go on, but boy, my head hurts.

To put it politely, this smells seriously, reeks of rove repug foreign policy treason.

Iran Contra vignette:

Lews Tambs, right-wing ambassador to Colombia under Reagan, pissed the Medellin Cartel off by actually opposing drug production and smuggling. He was transferred to Costa Rica, and the Cartel had a reward out for his assassination.

CBS News reporter Leslie Cockburn (from '60 Minutes' and 'West 57th St." reported in her '87 book 'Out of Control' that our right-wing off-the-shelf rogue intel operation (that was exposed in the Iran-Contra scandal) had a false-flag operation planned to assassinate Tambs and pin it on the Sandinista government next door to Costa Rica. Thereby collecting the Cartel's reward, keeping the drug and gun smuggling operations safe, and creating an international incident pretext to go to war in Nicaragua.

DeLay did TX redistricting in '05

Thanks for the o.p., nc. +1. Great illustration of where we're at, currently. Repug thieves.

PA voted 2.74 million for Dem Congress vs. 2.67 mil for Repug Congress. We got 5 seats, they got 13.

I caught his CBS appearance

about 2 hours ago. He really deserves no respect, and should be madatorily retired immediately. He's a disgusting ideologue, a dangerous sore loser, mentally unstable, a hypocrite, a hyper partisan hack. His only aim is to hurt the elected President who stomped him and his party twice in the polls, and throw as much obstruction and flack at that President as he can, using his Senate powers. I'd like to see a Democratic Senatorial vote to censure him for his performance on this issue. We just returned them with a majority, let's see some counter attacks. All pull together. I don't want to hear how we need bi-partisanship to get things done, the repugs are already loudly telegraphing how much bipatisanship they're willing to exhibit.

McCain actually lied on the show, repeating the Romney Rove repug talking point lie that the President didn't call the Benghazi attack an act of terror, that the President lied in the debate when he said he had. The reality based community knows that the day after the attack, in the Rose Garden speech, Prez O. called it an act of terror. Romney lied and said Prez O. didn't say it was a terror attack. He was called on his lie during the debate. Now grandpa lumpy says that the President lied during the debate about having said it was an act of terror. Repugs relitigate reality, regularly. Romney lies, calling Obama a liar, is told he's lying and is forced to shut up and stop lying, then McCain lies and says Obama lied in the debate.

Rose and his sidekick just let the lying accusation that the president 'lied' go unchallenged. They moved right on past it. Keep on sucking up to the repug Mellon family, Charlie.

What's really going on with all this Broadwell Petraeus Kelly folderol is a repug attempt to make Benghazi into a Watergate style scandal to cripple the President, a stalling tactic from the repugs' masters, since they lost the election. Obama gets to play Nixon -- 'What did he know, and when did he know it?' He's 'responsible', he 'was in charge', he's 'lying' to the American people. Not only will they oppose the mandate-elected President's appointments, they'll throw some more investigative witch hunts into the mix. Stall for your masters, repugs, push the boulder down-hill.

The repugs are involved in every part of the sordid Petraeus and Benghazi affairs. It's repug created and owned from top to bottom, every player is a repug, except the President, Sec of State, and Susan Rice, who of course, are the only people the repugs want to make 'carry the can' for it. Kelly and Broadwell are strangely and strongly reminsicent of the couple who snuck into the Prez's first Inaugural dinner, aspiring reality TV stars who used some connections to the Ambassador to India to subvert security. The repugs tried to force the First Couple's Social Secretary to resign over that one.

How about some 'oversight' investigations by Repug 'patriots' Issa and McCain into Kurt Eichenwald's revelations that the swinish l'il bush ignored 9 detailed pre-warnings about the real 9-11, for 5 months up until the attack occurred?

The repug assholes let thousands die on 9-11, we didn't force them to be held to account for it. The repugs created 9-11-12, and now loudly and hysterically demand accountability for it. '4 Americans died!' quoth McCain. The corporate media keeps going on and on about Benghazi for mile after mile, completely ignoring Eichenwald's REAL 9-11 story. And this broadening 'military intelligence elected official sex scandal' is just giving them the excuse to keep nattering on about Benghazi. Hoping the 'echo chamber' reverbrations will increase in volume enough for the American public to get the feel that 'something criminally bad' occurred, and 'the Dem Administration has to pay for it'.

McCain is a doddering old nazi, a ball-less bombadier, a petulant petty little sore loser, with smoldering insect-like eyes and a lumpy putty face, with a penchant for cheating on wives with beauty queens and an affection for rape jokes. He showed what a patriot and guardian of America he was when he leapt at putting that smirking dim-wit Palin into his VP slot, in a desperate attempt to grab the reigns of power. Which showed that if he died, he didn't care what happened to America, like some old Pharaoh of old, whose household servants would have to be put to death when he died. He was the oldest nominee ever, with health problems already, refused to release his medical records, but if he went, he was taking the country with him.

But by all means, Charlie, you treat him like the 'serious minded elder statesman' he is. You too, WaPo.

Condolences to

corporate welfare-frauds, tax-dodgers, coke-heads and oxycontin abusers, Haggard Ensign Foley Craig Vitter D'Souza Gingrich and other pan-sexual right wing nutjobs, fundy 'christians', nazis, meatloaf fans, klansmen, Birchers, bloated tick corporate capitalists, people who assassinate womens' health clinic workers, enemies of America; Satan, You LOST!

I respectfully disagree, gb,

with a lot of your assessments on the thread. But regarding little George P., it's just my opinion, so I can't really get mad. And you're polite while sticking to your guns.

One thing that struck me was the comparison of a l'il bush to a Brit royal prince in the line of succession. That is dead on. That family is related to the Brit Hanovrian royals, and think they are American royalty, they were 'put here to rule Americans'.

There are a ton of good posts in archives here from a post-er named Octafish, mostly along the BFEE (bush Family Evil Empire) lines. His/Her stuff is well-documented. That whole family constantly pulls treasonous and scurrilous moves against the nation, to benefit themselves, because they think they're American Royalty, effectively they think they're America.

But they're really just a canker sore -- composed of Oil/Energy, Banking, Intel, and Fascism -- on our nation's body politic.

There is no reason why l'il George P. wouldn't be true to form and follow in the footsteps of his great-granddad Prescott, who laundered money for the Nazis during WWII at his Union Bank (that name will sound familiar if you look at Union Bank of Switzerland and UBS Warburg). Prescott was very closely connected to the OSS's Allen Dulles while Dulles ran our war time European intel efforts from Switzerland, while Switzerland legally did business and banking for the Nazis. Dulles moonlighted at the same time as a law partner in Sullivan & Cromwell, whose firm did the legal work for the J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation. They were caught hiding the nazi corporation I.G. Farben's ownership of an American chemical company (General Aniline) during WWII. Farben was the big corporate backer, of Hitler's nazis, who managed to turn a profit on extermination camps through its sale of the zyklon-b gas that was used to kill millions in the death camps. Both Union Bank and General Aniline were siezed by our war time government.

Before WWII, the rightist repugs were openly in favor of Hitler and cut deals with him. They held enough power in our country to openly advocate for him, and stall us from entering the war against him. Their inclusion in our country's executive / legislative / enforcement / intel / power structure was the reason why an author like Dalton Trumbo could be black-listed for being 'prematurely antifascist', when Trumbo blew the whistle to the feds that the American Bund was trying to get a new edition of 'Johnny Got His Gun' published, to use anti war sentiment to help keep America from fighting Hitler.

During WWII, rightist repugs were part of our power structure, and kept getting caught backing Hitler and making money with him.

After WWII, OSS repugs like Prescott and Dulles were instrumental in setting up the CIA. So now up pops a new generation of bush, replete with intel connections and 'we can't tell you how much he helps America, for security reasons' statements. We get 'limited hang-out' style publicity statements about how wonderful he is, we just can't see the record, 'for security purposes'.

And the icing on the cake is another bush is using poor Pat Tillman to advance their disgusting political agenda. The bush family is frankly treasonous and every move they make could gag a maggot.

Thanks for the numbers, John.

For 2004 Beaver County, the Post-Gazette (Wed., 11/3/04, p. A-24) reported bush -- 37,041 (47.7%), Kerry -- 40,121 (51.7%).

For both 2012 Lawrence and 2008 Lawrence, CNN results had Lawrence going for Obama. I can't give you a screen capture for CNN's site map on Wed. morning (9 - 10 a.m., 11/7/12), but it showed Allegheny and Lawrence blue, then later that day the NY Times site map showed Lawrence red. The P-G reported (Wed., 11/5/08, p. A-15, from CNN's unofficial results as of 12:30 a.m.), with estimated 97% of PA precincts reporting in, that Lawrence went blue for Obama. (I have hard copies of all the Post-Gazette reporting, for '04, '08, '12.) Their '08 reporting claimed that 21,969 represented 68% of total voters in Lawrence, which would make 100% of voters 32,307. Their vote total report of '32,307' is a reporting 'error' on their part which rubs out better than 10,000 votes from your more accurate (in my assessment) 2008 "Total Votes: 42,349" figure. (42,349 - 32,307 is 10,042. That would mean 23.7% (not 32%) of the vote was still outstanding and not reported, and 76.3% of the vote was 'in' and reported.)

So the P-G and CNN are wrong in one of two ways, either in their statement of total reported voter numbers, or in their statment of total reported vote percentages. If '68%' is right, then 42,349 X 68% is 28,797, so they 'lost' 6,828 voters in their coverage by wrongly claiming that there were '21,969 reported voters' officially turned in. 6,828/42,349 equals 16.1% of Lawrence voters missing. Or the '21,969' figure is right, and 21,969/42,349 means they're saying that elections officials are 'reporting' 51.88% of the voters, not '68%'. And 68% - 51.88% is 16.1%. Either way, their 'reporting' on 'election results reports' is missing an actual 16.1% of Lawrence voters. That's a big number and percentage of 'error', and shows where the lie about a 'red shift' for Lawrence is hidden., by corporate media reporting and vote counting/reporting officials, cutting a deal with repug power figures. A spark from labor, civil rights, and women's rights groups would prevent that easy theft.

The P-G reported for '04 (Sun. 11/7/04, p. A-1, A-15) that 'Red counties get redder, blue ones get bluer', and with a CNN, evote.com, PA Dept. of State compiled map, the newspaper showed the difference between 2000 and 2004. In 2000, Lawrence, Beaver, Allegheny, Washington, Fayette, and Greene all went blue. In '04, Beaver, Allegheny, Washington, and Fayette went blue, and we allegedly 'lost' Lawrence and Greene to the red. So their map contradicted their reporting, with regards to Lawrence & Greene (and Mercer and Cambria too); they smoothed over or obscured an 'officially reported' red shift.

The December '07 'Pennsylvania Manual' reports (pp. 7-90, 7-91) these voter registration numbers for the '04 Presidential election year:
Lawrence -- 32,881 Dem, 21,995 R.
Armstrong -- 20,442 Dem, 20,739 R.
Beaver -- 73,401 Dem, 37,538 R.
Allegheny -- 557,900 D, 262,692 R.
Westmoreland -- 142,979 D, 88,727 R.
Washington -- 88,941 D, 47,351 R.
Fayette -- 61,475 D, 21,421 R.
Greene --17,151 D, 6,514 R.

Mercer -- 36,745 D, 31,626 R.
Indiana -- 23,770 D, 23,699 R.
Cambria -- 56,390 D, 28,849 R.

Call it 8 counties in our western under arm of the 'T' where we should be way ahead or strongly competitive, and add 3 to the north and east where it's the same. It's getting stolen, here in Western PA. It's not labor's fault that this is happening, but labor is a big reason why we're Dems, and ahead or strongly competitive. Being 'rusty' should just make us more driven, determined and adament, not resigned and beaten down.

Somebody's blog that I read on Wed. (Maddow, Brad, TalkingPointsMemo) pointed out that Dems cast 2.74 million votes for Dem Congressional candidates in PA this year, with 2.67 million votes cast for the repugs, and that you would think we had 9 or 10 of the 18 Congressional districts owned by the Dems as a result of that vote. Unfortunately, repug gerrymandering means that we won only 5 Federal Congressional rep slots.

On edit, added that the P-G (11/7/12, p. B-4) reported 32,178 as 91% of the Lawrence voter total, meaning 35,360 'is' 100%. Your total number of 38,969 for Lawrence 2012 shows there are 3609 'missing' voters in the P-G's reporting on the election officials' report, so 9.26% of the vote is missing.

Western PA Union Dems

I'm not a dissident labor member, but this has to be said.

We're a pro-union stronghold, with a long and storied labor tradition, which continues up to present times. There have been a ton of demonstrations, well attended by the rank and file, supported by a large number of labor unions around here in the last year and a half. We're also still a rust-belt area.

But we lost every county on our end of the PA 'T' to the repugs, and we effectively lost 2 Dem congressional seats. (Altmire Critz district consolidation followed by Rothfus victory.) The ship is starting to sale, to an ugly repug port.

I could name good activist people from Transit workers, Ironworkers, Steelworkers, Sprinkler fitters, Steamfitters, SEIU, CLUW, IBEW, IUOE. AFSCME, AFT. There are good people from the Postal Workers, CWA, UNITE, HERE, Carpenters, Laborers, who I've seen out at events, whose names I don't know, but I recognize their faces.

Why is it so hard to harness the energy that Trumka and Hill called for in Philly, to keep our end of PA blue? I've seen that energy at work here in Pittsburgh. I don't want Shea and Vinski's job, or my IBEW local's organizers' job. I don't want one cent off the unions. But if the state or national/Int'l wants any after action reports or free advice, I'd be more than happy to offer it. It's a shame that we continue to be eroded by anti-union Mellon repug interests, and continue to stay the course, but when free advice is offered, it's valued by the labor organizer heirarchy based on its sticker price.

Here's a simple bit of advice, or axiom: Trying to organize the rank and file by saying 'pay us, come work for us for free, shut up and do what we say' is not a winning formula for striking a spark among labor.

By staying the course here, we're engaging in a sitzkrieg.

You're right. Voter ID laws aren't trying to protect us

from voter fraud, they're trying to defraud the voters.

There are no incidents our repug state government can point to, of prosecuted in-polling place fraud, where someone came in and voted illegally in person, pretending to be another voter. They are a hurdle and poll tax designed by ALEC, to get rid of low-income constituencies, elderly, students, minorities. Turzai openly bragged about the real purpose for enacting the law, on camera. Our doltish 2 term state attorney general prosecuted zero cases of polling place voter impersonation. The repugs liked his job performance so much they made him governor.

A ton of good groups came together to fight the law, to provide legal first aid for the voters, and to safeguard our citizens' right to the franchise. We need a court ruling to overturn this blatant poll tax.

It was a good day for my part of the PA polls, but the Dems lost every Western PA county except Allegheny, in the formerly Democratic stronghold 9 county western under-arm of the 'T'. That freak Rothfus shouldn't even be representing Amway, let alone our state. This erosion is very real, and shows why the repugs keep on visiting our area for presidential campaigning. They're trying to steal the state, here in the western part of the state. They're also driving a red wedge between Ohio and the Blue Northeast - Mid Atlantic, to further consolidate their ongoing attempted theft of Ohio.

GOP trying to steal PA, in Western PA, again.

His last visit will 'turn the tide' for him in Pittsburgh, no doubt. It worked out so well for McCain, last time around.
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