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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,756

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If the Dem leadership is waiting for the public to beg,

then I beg the Prez, the VP, the popular vote winning candidate, the popular Senator who opposed her in the primary, and all the big named leaders in Congress and State government to stand united and say we are not going to let the orange nazi into power.

I support any thing the United Dems want to do, to preserve the America, it's Constitution, and Democracy.

If this repug creep lets an attack hit the US, like the last repug creep did,

anyone who pretends America should unite behind him will be a traitor for stating that pretense.

Gingrich with his giant empty blubbery head, and tiny evil pink face, it's

like Linus's great pumpkin was mutated via irradiation and then possessed by some devil.

Yup. Thanks, Ms. Reid and bigtree. rec, nt.

Another day, another "Rahowahhhh!"* from the delicate flowers on the far right.

*(R TM dRumpf 4th reich productions).

I've been watching a lot of Sam and MR over the last 8 months. I love the woman who cracks up all the time. Just hearing her laugh in the background brings a smile to my face.

Rec, thanks, lib n arb.

Thanks for your post 8. This post 9 word cloud polling info is key. Rec. nt.

Rec, bookmarked. Thanks, nt.

Nazis tried and failed to take over Ireland in '33, with the Blueshirts.

They got stomped by the old IRA, and their attempt to march on Dublin with 30,000 blue nazis was crushed:

" The Blueshirts, who had in the region of 30,000 members, resisted paying local rates and the land annuities (which Fianna Fail continued to collect) to the de Valera government. O’Duffy also led violent resistance to the Fianna Fail’s government policy to seize unsold cattle and to distribute the meat to the poor. In one such confrontation in Cork, a young farmer’s son and Blueshirt, Michael Patrick Lynch was shot dead by Broy’s Harriers – a republican auxiliary to the police. His funeral was a spectacular Blueshirt show of strength, complete with Roman salutes and military drill.

There was no second civil war. The Army and Garda despite their roots in the Free State forces of 1922, obeyed the new government. Talk of a military coup in 1933 by O’Duffy and others in Cumann na nGaedheal and the National Army came to nothing. But there was extensive rioting around the country between the rival factions of the Blueshirts and the IRA and a number of deaths on both sides. "


There is no doubt that de Valera was an agent of US interests, who were aligned with anglophiles. But the rank and file anti-nazis stomped the blueshirts.

I don't take political disagreement for "disingenuous infiltration", for the most part, Perse.

Nobody has an opinion that's more important than any other Dem post-er's here, unless they're engaged in front line investigative reporting or research. And the more Dems of all stripes we hear from here, the better it is for the site, as it increases our body of political knowledge and clout.

If I know and like a post-er's past slant on the issues but disagree with one post of theirs, or if I agree with the post mostly and want to amplify or tweak part of it, I'll post "respectfully disagree" and discuss the issues.

Here is the simple o.p. issue, it's been brought up before numerous times, and ignored by the opaque, high volume new post-er in question: the story is NOT about Eichenwald generating fake news for a living, like those 'news fakers', Jones, Breitbart. Kurt has a binder full of pro-dRumpf falsehoods Carlson and Fox pumped out to benefit orange hitler. That's the story. Carlson tried to MAKE the story about Eichenwald generating 'fake news', but "Eichenwald says dRumpf institutionalized" is not the o.p. title or subject. Tucker is blowing smoke in order to distract from the massive amount of lies he and his network made to get il Douche A into power. Pretending that one as-yet-unsubstantiated statement from Kurt E. cancels out a binder full of lies from the repugs. 'Kurt's just as bad as them". It's a slimy, sleazy, transparent lie from the nazis.

Now a new post-er pops up, says let's start the discussion at "Carlson has a point'. No, he doesn't.

This was pointed out in a polite way and ignored by them, a couple of times. Simple suggestions were offered on how a new post-er could use the site functions to show where they're coming from as a Dem, to clear up ambiguous appearances or unfair allegations vs them. The suggestions were offered politely and in a reassuring manner, but sadly were not taken as a reassurance by them.

The new person is kind of de-railing the discussion about the o.p. topic, by complaining about how they aren't reassured. And they offered to discuss their conservative leanings on a number of other issues. That offer was sidestepped, but they went on to demonstrate that it wasn't side stepped, in their mind.

So by all means, let's hear about GMOs and green Nukular power, in addition to Eichenwald = Bircher Jones rhetoric. That's sure to advance discussion of the actual O.P.'s subject matter.

They said they've been viewing the site for years, but appear to have no clue about the nature of its day-to-day back-and-forth discussions on the issues. Over and over again, they come back to post a lament about how the discussion has turned into a discussion about them, then they sidestep all actual attempts to make the discussion about the o.p. subject matter. They refuse to debate the central issues, which have been re-stated to them in post after post.

So they're either honest but completely hapless, or are engaging in a quite ham-handed attempt at obfuscation. Making it all about them while complaining strenuously about how "it's being made all about them". Forcing a constant re-statement of what the o.p. subject matter is, in every posted reply to them. I have had to re-state the o.p. subject 3 times so far, so we're not gaining any ground re discussing the issues, here.

Kurt has an impeccable track record of hard-hitting scoops. I've paid attention to him since he covered the 9 detailed intel pre-warnings that li'l bush ignored about the 9/11/01 attacks, when Kurt published them in September of '12. Something happened in North Africa that wound up burying that story, I forget where it happened though. It'll come to me, if I think long and hard enough.


1) Blatantly, obviously, dRumpf has mental issues, and has shown it constantly in public appearances and media statements he makes.

2) He could but won't release medical records that disprove it.

3) Eichenwald has a comprehensive listing of repug Carlson/Fox lies that helped get dRumpf into power.

4) It's an obvious false equivalency to focus on Carlson's lying lame attempt to accuse Kurt of the horrible crime of 'making things up', instead of looking at the long list of Carlson lies that the o.p. is pointing out.

5) Carlson made his lying charge to distract from the repug dRumpf Carlson Fox lies.

6) Carlson, Fox, dRumpf, Breitbart, Jones, and the repugs make fake news stories up with lying allegations all the time, and can't show that Kurt Eichenwald has done so even once, so it's ridiculous to bemoan how "our side is acting like them".

7) And now the pig nazi repugs are threatening and attacking Kurt and his family.

Talk to me about anything you want to, but don't talk to me about "Eichenwald's unproven allegation that dRumpf was institutionalized", and how "it hurts Dems". I'm done talking, with everyone, about that non-issue.

Bookmarking this list, thanks YoungDem. rec, nt.

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