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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,757

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Here's what Stieg Larsson wrote-

"He was an outspoken politician, popular with the left and detested by the right. Two years after his death a petty criminal and drug addict was convicted of his murder but was later acquitted on appeal... to this day the crime remains unsolved.

Prompted by Olaf Palme's assassination (Feb 28, 1986), Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson called an investigation into the procedures of the Swedish Security Police (Sapo) in the fall of 1987. Carl Lidbom, then swedish ambassador to France, was given the task of leading the investigation. One of his old acquaintances, the publisher Ebbe Carlsson, firmly believed that the Kurdish organization PKK was involved in the murder and was given resources to start a private investigation. The Ebbe Carlsson affair exploded as a major political scandal in 1988, when it was revealed that the publisher had been secretly supported by the then minister of justice, Anna-Greta Leijon. She was subsequently forced to resign.

Informationsbyran (IB) was a secret intelligence agency without official status within the Swedish armed forces. Its main purpose was to gather information about communists and other individuals who were perceived to be a threat to the nation. It was thought that these findings were passed on to key politicians at cabinet level, most likely the defence minister at the time, Sven Andersson, and Prime Minister Olaf Palme. The exposure of the agency's operations by journalists Jan Guillou and Peter Bratt in the magazine Folket i Bild/Kulturfront in 1973 became known as the IB affair. "

from The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, end notes, p. 565 hardbound.

Julia Ioffe and the "aristocrats".

She's a good woman and a great journalist. She was just forced out of her job at Politico.


I like her better than Politico, overall, but I can't attack them 100% for dropping her; they're doing so because they're afraid of the heat from her comment. Though I think her "controversial" comment is 100% true, and has been proven so by dRumpf's own statements and numerous disturbing photo-op pictures of dRumpf and daughter, and statements at joint media appearances by the pair. (I also think the same holds true with dRumpf and Omarosa. I'm not being a scandal monger, it's just my impression from watching dRumpf and the two women, over a long period of time.)

For over a year, quite a few people, both famous and plebian, have pointed out the disgusting and apparent nature of dRumpfenfuherer's relationship with his daughter. 2 months ago, I thought that it seemed like he was actually using media-megaphoned and bizarre dog whistles of incest with his daughter for propagandic ends, when he was talking about her promoting his admin's "workplace equality agendas". It was all about daunting the public, especially pro-equality people who were paying attention, it was about making peoples' minds recoil in subconscious horror. Black propaganda for drumpf and the repugs' anti-woman agenda.

The reason "The aristocrats" is such an pungent and unfunny joke, but has such a long and storied history, is because there is a historic and disgusting connection between aristocracy and incest. All aristocrats don't engage in it, but a large enough percentage did and do, because they feel like they're above the normal rules of civilized behavior, and of a divine and special bloodline. Aristocracy and incest is epitomized by the expression "blue bloods".

dRumpf is NOT an aristocrat. He's a half-assed rich guy who thinks he's an aristocrat. Like he's not a wiseguy, he's a half-assed mob kiss ass who thinks he's a wiseguy. But he's always shown he is hornier than the entire cast of characters in Mandingo. He's always shown that he'll put the move on anyone he can, anytime. He'd screw a snake if someone held its head, to put it crudely. And he styles himself an aristocrat, the same way he styles himself a goodfella. Norms and rules don't apply to him, like they don't apply to those other groups he 'wannabees' a part of, desperately.

The bizarre turn of events, here, is that we have a nazi-luving Prez-elect who sucks up to the Russian dictator, constantly tweets nazi and pro-Putin trash, and should get to keep exercising his 'free speech' twitter account rights. And we simultaneously have an anti-nazi Jewish Russian-emigree reporter who constantly exposes dRumpf's pro-nazi and putin moves, who Politico is "justified" in getting rid of, because she bluntly stated something the orange nazi himself has dog whistled about a hundred times.

Politico is fully within its rights to stop associating with Ioffe, so they don't alienate the pro-nazi, putin, and incest parts of their consumer public. Twitter is fully not within its rights to suggest that they'd curtail the pro-nazi, putin, incest advocating repug prez elect. Interesting.

So Ms. I is out of a job at Politico. I hope she gets picked up by the Nation, Teen Vogue, Daily Beast, NYT, or WaPo. Someone who has more guts and conviction than politico. She's moral, talented, and hasn't done anything wrong.

And my sig line is another tweet by Julia Ioffe, one that somehow didn't get the notice or coverage that her aristocrat tweet garnered. It's just a coincidence, I didn't post it to back her. I had it up 2 days before this story broke, easy to prove if needed.

Repug projection, of course. But a special example.

Normally, they scream accusations of guilt at their opponents, about something the repug accusers are guilty of themselves.

Like Christie screaming 'lock her up' when he should be in prison for corruption, dRump screaming 'Dems are rigging it' while his people are rigging it, etc.

But Christie (Giuliani, dRump, etc) projectively lied to leverage their way into power, avoid legit criminal charges against themselves, make people think "Christie says Clinton should be jailed" whenever people were thinking about the two subjects "Christie and Jail". And make us think "Drump says Dems are stealing it" when thinking about "dRump and election theft".

The act of projection was separate from the aim of the projection.

But on this one, the objective of the projection is included in the act used to attempt achieving the aim or objective. "I'm proudly anti-science, so I'll attack scientists, without using science, attack them for being "anti-science", and say scientists are like my science-hating philosophical forbears and me, and I'll do this to promote my anti-science agenda."

Very deep. Fascinating. Profound. They must've had a team of monkeys working around the clock on this one.

It's a self-reinforcing negative feedback loop of nazi repug insanity.

Does he believe his lie? Who cares. Reality and reality-dwellers know it's a lie.

It reminds me of how the righties over at the froggie post-ing sister site started accusing Dems of projection, about 18 months into that site's existence. Hurling projective accusations of projection at their opponents. It took them quite a while to gear up on that one, because they had to first figure out what projection was, and then attempt to devise a plausible argument to counter normal people pointing out their acts to them with that one word.

I remember Jack. He could never seem to keep his fly catcher closed, when he wasn't talking.

Sat there with a big grin and his mouth hanging open, simultaneously.

It was enchanting to watch him NOT talk.

This needs to be a signed vow, by every elected Dem,

and every Intel and former Intel member who have already spoken out about dRumpf.

Funny how repug political hack McCarthy saw commies everywhere,

and McCarthy aide Cohn's acolyte got the repugs' vote for prez while openly working with the biggest commie in the world.

Extra funny how all the 'anti commie' repug birchers jumped on board the dRump train, while dRump had 8 million open commie ties.

He's starting off MORE crooked, mobbed up, abusive of exec power

than Nixon wound up being, when he was forced out of power.

He's going in worse than the level of evil that was bad enough to get Nixon kicked out.

Throwing a small bone to the right has never worked, in history.

Never. Ever. Not once.

It just encourages them to make more extreme demands. They have the mentality of radical revolutionaries who can never be appeased. Or the mentality of a small barking poodle, that gets encouraged to chase a large adult, when that adult walks away from the poodle. Or the mentality of '30's nazis, who kept demanding small bones until they launched their bid to take over the world.

It's possible that your sensibilities on the subject have been deadened by all the times the repugs screamed charges of "Neville Chamberlain" and "appeasement" at our side. So now that a German leader is performing an act of Chamberlain like appeasement to the nazis, on an international scale, you feel it is a "small bone".

I disagree with your strategic thinking on the subject, cx30, but it's a polite academic disagreement.

That level of insane, evil, nazi, and stupid obviously indicates he's a Bircher.

Lemme guess, his whackjob nazi dad was buddies with Curt LeMay.

dRumpf's wiseguy buddies are moving out of there, because they'll have to disarm

or face embarrassing run-ins with the Secret Service.

And their competition will know they're unarmed. We may see a sharp spike in hits on dRump Tower dwelling wiseguys, in a 5 block area around the condo complex with the 'new amenities'.

It's like that old Chris Rock joke "Never go into a dance club with metal detectors. Sure, you may feel safe while you're in there, but all those guys standing outside have guns. And they know you don't."

The bald orange fake wise guy's real wiseguy buddies are starting to see how their "friend" could stick it to them, and just how hard he can stick it.
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