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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,757

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Mackinac Center for Public Policy funded by DeVos, Kochs:

" In March 2011, as protests over Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's proposal to effectively end public sector collective bargaining continued to grow in Wisconsin, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy issued Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for three Michigan Universities, the University of Michigan, Wayne State University and Michigan State University. The request targeted any emails containing: “collective bargaining,” “Wisconsin,” “Madison,” “Scott Walker” or “Maddow.” The requests target labor studies faculty at each school. [57] USA Today wrote that Mackinac's "demands for professors' e-mails about Wisconsin's public employee labor strife is causing an uproar among some who suggest the Freedom of Information Act requests aim to intimidate pro-labor dissenters and stifle academic freedom." [57]

The FOIA request was very similar to one submitted by the Republican Party of Wisconsin to University of Wisconsin-Madison historian William J. Cronon during the same week, after the professor had published a blog post questioning the role of the American Legislative Exchange Council in Governor Walker's anti-union legislation. [58] Paul Krugman of the New York Times wrote " there’s a clear chilling effect when scholars know that they may face witch hunts whenever they say things the G.O.P. doesn’t like." [59]

Like the Wisconsin GOP's request for Cronon's emails, Mackinac's request posed some concerns for university professors because the request could be an attempt to quell political opposition. [60] In a New York Times article, Director of Academic Freedom for the American Association of University Professors, Greg Scholtz, said, “We think all this will have a chilling effect on academic freedom. We’ve never seen FOIA requests used like this before.”[61] "


Funny how the fake legend his people crafted about him

is that he's a notorious micromanager, surrounds himself with the best people, then demands results from them.

He stays on them, always knows exactly what phase they're in, on the projects he's assigned to them. He's constantly looking over their shoulders, constantly calling them into his office and onto the carpet to pump them for info about the smallest details of the tasks he assigned to them, from behind his big desk.

He does this because he's the only one with the complete picture, the only one with all the info, the only one with the detailed knowledge and overview of the whole project, and all the other projects the organization has going on. He knows it all about everything, and keeps all the details in his head and at his fingertips.

And if he doesn't like the answers he's getting from them about the little middle manager subordinate flunky decisions they make on his behalf, he fires them.

That's the whole point of his shitty little reality tv show, that he's so proud of. The constant demand for high-stakes status reports exemplifies the majesty, shrewdness, intelligence, deep desire for knowledge, and supreme tactical genius that is "trump".

He's in charge, knows everything, demands status report details on every minor decision, and the underling who fails gets fired.

The buck always stops at the underlings.

It's funny, because the o.p. shows he's the typically lazy assed, proudly ignorant, do-nothing, layabout, dilettante kind of repug leader they've given us so often before. Another romney, li'l bush, ronnie raygun style leader.

Smugly stupid. Reading working and learning are for the underlings, it's his job to get adulation and be treated like an emporor, he sits in the hive like a termite queen getting fed and pampered, the most important being in the hive's existence.

Except the termite leader actually serves a function for her hive.

He's a draft dodging chicken hawk playing with our troops' lives, and the safety and future of the nation. And remember, keep in mind, when things go wrong, the buck always stops with the underlings.

Pre-hack fun, talking with ghosts on DU.

Having made a fearless self inventory of the "My Posts" section of my account, I came up with 19 ghost posts in 16 days, prior to the site crash. Links are provided as a courtesy, no need to click on them all, but they're offered as proof. A description of the anomaly associated is provided before each link.

10/23, post # 46, out of 45 total posts, there’s a post # 48

10/24, post # 79, out of 78 replies, there’s a post 81

10/24, post 36, out of 69 re s, there’s a post 80

10/26, post 7, to a tossed member:

10/27, 30 out of 39, o.p. er is t.s ed, there’s a post 40

10/27, 5th out of 5, doesn’t show up on the thread

10/28, 7th of 5, same op as previous link above, and also doesn’t show up on thread

10/29, to tossed nazi repug

10/31, no anomaly, I posted to someone who should almost CERTAINLY be tossed

11/2, 115 out of 114, a post #129, shows, to a post er who ghosts their own re s

11/3, 1, to someone who ghosted their o.p.

11/2, 32 out of 76, there’s a post 82 showing, my post 32 doesn’t show in the thread

11/3, 57, same thread as above, doesn’t show in the thread

11/3, 17 out of 15, a post 16 shows, my 17 doesn’t show in the thread

11/3, same thread as above, should be a ghost

11/4, 3 out of 1, in my own op

11/4, 29 out of 32, a post 34 shows, my 29 doesn’t

11/7, 7 out of 10, doesn’t show in the thread, a post 12 shows

11/7, 10 of 10, same op as above, doesn’t show in thread

That’s about it. 19 ghost talk posts in 16 days. 2 don’t count, because one’s an ATA, I assume the site managers have their own reasons; and the other one’s not a ghost.

So what’s the point? Obviously, cleaning up the site is going to create anomalies. Whatever the repug yahoos did while they were attacking the site is going to cause problems with some op s and subthreads once they’re cleaned up. But every one of the 17 cases was one where I stated opposition to a repug move, and it drew the attention of someone who's now a ghost. Or someone posted something that I thought should be opposed, in order to oppose repug spin or framing. And that post er is now a ghost.

Everyone else on this site has the same 30 day “my posts” window they could look at and count up the pre-hack anomalies, just by looking at the blanks in the “Post I replied to” column. Nobody needs to spend time analyzing and compiling the links to the actual posts as proof. If they do analyze their own ghosts, they might see some of the infiltrator post-ers who seem to be connected to the site hack, though. May see what those people were saying, what way they were trying to steer or de-rail conversations to help the repugs, and what specific subjects those people felt the need to weigh in, on.

Is 17 in 16 days a high score? Do a lot of members here have me beat, in that regard? Please DU this poll

During the election, when I watched some of their pinhead violent nazis scream "Trump!",

I could see that they were screaming "Hate!" (I hate you and everyone not like me!) and "Kill!" (I'd try to kill you if I thought I could win a fight with you and not get imprisoned!)

They just use the orange nazi's name as shorthand to convey their devolved monkey like thoughts and feelings.

See how they're acting toward their 'enemies', while the White House is under their "enemies'" control? That's how we can act when they have control.

And there are a lot more of us than there are of them.

Alternatively to your 'preserving confidence' idea

In this system we live under, the President who we elect is not the top power in the land, but is instead at the top of the servant class for the actual power groups. The top power is the 8 financial groups laid out in James Stewart Martin's book All Honorable Men. They are: Mellon, Morgan, DuPont, Rockefeller, Kuhn-Loeb, the Cleveland group, the Chicago group, and the Boston group.

Those people own all the mass media outlets in the country via the media ownership consolidation laid out by FAIR and Project Censored. They own all the opinion polling companies, which are chock full of repug connections. They're the actual owners behind the repug owned and controlled electronic voting machine companies.

We won in '06, '08, '12 because the virulent repug elements in that big 8 saw the extremely high level of revulsion Americans felt towards them -- a revulsion that their fascistic and corrupt repug party servant class created -- and knew they couldn't get away with a steal. So they settled for a shave in Dem support numbers. We win when our candidates can overcome the lying propagandic messages from the media controlled by the power groups, and those groups monitor actual public opinion and see 80-90% actual public displeasure with their repug party servants and goals.

The winning candidates staff up their administrations with appointees who represent the different members of the big 8's interests, represent the coalition of certain elements within that big 8 who backed the winner. The 8 aren't monolithic, they operate against each other, and each individual one of the big 8 has factions within them that disagree internally.

Occasionally, you'll see a cabinet level shake up in a presidential admin, where someone resigns or gets forced out. Li'l bush's Treasury Sec Paul O'Neill came from Alcoa (a Mellon man), was forced out and wrote a tell-all book about li'l bush. He was replaced by John Snow from the railway industry (a Rockefeller man). That was a loss for the Mellon faction, but a few weeks after O'Neill's last day, Tom Ridge was named as first Cabinet Level Sec of Homeland Security. Ridge came from the Mellon's hometown, and had run the Mellon's home state as gov.

Huey Long ran as a Depression-era populist, since his assassination he's been slammed as a dangerous proto-fascist demagogue. But in his stump speeches he regularly named Morgan, Mellon, and Rockefeller as the main enemies of the people who's votes he was trying to get. After he was murdered, a bunch of right wing liars tried to pin the assassination on 'FDR bumping off the competition'. But one of Huey's aides, Sidney Songy, made open claims that a group from Standard Oil (Rockefeller) was actually behind Long's murder.

Thanks for your post, big m. I enjoyed reading it.

I got this vid link from bradblog, snark.

The man who invented this "middle man / back door fractional voter architecture", allegedly for reporting "weighted results", is Jeffrey Dean. He worked for the Urosevich brothers, repug party members who created and ran the massive Diebold and ES&S voting machine companies. (Diebold keeps changing its name, it became Premier, merged with vote machine giant Sequoia, and is now called Dominion. It constantly changes name to cover its tracks.)

Jeff Dean is a convicted felon, whose convictions stem from computer hacking into banks. He was an employee of Egil Bud Krogh, the convicted repug party Nixon admin Watergate felon who ran the "plumbers unit". Krogh was an Erlichman aide who employed repug operatives G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt when they were engaging in election manipulation crimes in '72.

The candidate who "won" in 2016 employed repug party Watergate criminals Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. Drumpf and Stone's buddy, bircher infowars Alex Jones, was strongly involved in the 2016 campaign.

Bradblog is unimpeachable as a source, in my estimation. So are Mark Crispin Miller, RFK Junior, FreePress.org. But when you view the fraction magic video in youtube, you'll see that on the right side of the screen where youtubes related offerings are, bircher Jones videos will pop up, featuring an alleged interview Jones did with Bev Harris.

I'm not sure if it is her in the vid, I listened but couldn't tell. If it is her, she is a bad person and on the side of the people who stole the vote, or she is not very bright in terms of current events, and is easy to fool.

The man from TN who talks about the "double" architecture seems to be good.

Can anyone give me info on how to flip my sig icon upside down?

I've wanted to do that for a loong time. Any info would be appreciated.

OUR prez won millions more votes. Our current candidate also won over 2.8 million more votes.

Everybody saw how they deferred to Prez O after he won 9.5 million more, then 6 million more, votes than the repug candidates.

When a repug calls for unity, they mean shut up and do things exactly how we want them.

Keith O has broadcast 2 Resistance vids on GQ / youtube, so far. Worth watching.

The swinish repuglinazis are really feeling their oats. But there are more of us than there are of


And see how they're acting while the presidency is controlled by us?

That's exactly how we can and will act when their cowardly master is in the white house.

Every one of us will do everything we can, when we see their freaks try to pull something around us.

I do what I can to counter the righties JPII and Ratzinger put in, all the time.

Last week, before the election, I went to a church uptown, by Duquesne University. (I bounce from parish to parish). The priest there is a new one, transferred over here from east central PA. He gave a sermon where he told a story about an experience he shared with a group of nuns in his parish there. Those women revered a Jesuit priest that had been imprisoned for 28 years by Stalin. The priest had been jugged up in '41, and after release was stationed in the parish where the convent was. The nuns thought he was saintly, and kept a small cross of his after he died. The priest who gave the sermon to me in Pgh related that the nuns used that cross to pray over one of their sick and elderly members, and she recovered from the deathbed, extrodinarily.

The priest who told the story was illustrating some of the themes from the 1st 2nd and gospel readings, but here's where I shine in. After mass, the priest often waits by the door to greet people. When I went by him, I shook his hand and told him 'have a good week father'. Then I stopped about 10' away, watched to make sure nobody else was coming up to him, and went back and had a private word with him. I said "that jesuit priest who's a saint..", and he said "he's not a saint", and I said "ok, he should be a saint", and he agreed. So I started over and said "that priest who got jugged up by Stalin -- what do you think he'd make of all those ties between Putin and dRumpf?" He said, in a voice that was a bit miffed "well I don't know." I said "Oh. Have a good week father."

I do what I can, when I can. I do it while knowing and observing the rituals of the church's religious ceremonies. I didn't do it to stick it to this new priest. He knows exactly what that saintly Jesuit would think of drumpf and Putin. I just pushed the point home.

I could tell you a very byzantine and interesting story about that church (epiphany), why it's there, the felony arson committed by Mellon underling Henry Frick, the bizarre cabalistic group the church used to reach out to mason Frick, the arcane symbology in the church's ornamentation, with a tie in to Guy Ritchie's first Sherlock Holmes movie, with Robert Downey, Jude Law, and Mark Strong starring. But it would be a bit long winded, so I'll spare you unless you want it.

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