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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,488

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There's a good chance that some of the Americans who died actually had voted for him.

That's not to say they deserved to die, that's not MY view.

But I'd like to point out that it's HIS view.

Those dead tRump voters in WA and MI didn't back him fully enough, or their states wouldn't have Dem governors. The voters in those states weren't sufficiently devoted to tRump. In his view.

He measured those dead Americans, and found them lacking. So he can dismiss their deaths.

Even the ones who voted for him.

Bookmarked, thanks, NRL. rec,nt.

"So unfair', tRump blubbered.

Yeah. Other people should be 'moving fast', like shitler has wanted them to do, all along.

Weasel, trying to figure out some way to pretend he's always been hard at work, and someone else is to blame for their foot-dragging & inaction.

"So unfair to tRump!", he blubbered.

Trots out a new narrative by claiming the Fake news has a new narrative.

Called worry about the pandemic a Democrat and fake news hoax.

Now calls reports that he attacked "worrying news about the pandemic threat" as a "new false fake news" hoax.

Repuglinazi birchers. The most unAmerican thing to come down the pike since the 3rd reich.

The Sec of Ed's brother pulling intel ops against the Teacher's Union, in her (and his) home state.

Business as usual for the Rump admin.

Put a birther in as Chief of Staff, eh?

That's odd, coz of how Rump said in the '16 campaign, that Hillary started the birther movement, and he ended it.

Rump thinks the taliban are a ok, but don't get him started on those terrorist American Moslems

in NJ.

tRump blubbers.

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