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Gender: Male
Hometown: Oregon
Current location: Oregon
Member since: Sun Dec 11, 2011, 12:28 AM
Number of posts: 11,011

Journal Archives

Jimi Hendrix 11/27/42-9/18/70

'Looks Like the Crazy Lady Has Logged On'

'Looks Like the Crazy Lady Has Logged On': Rep. Ilhan Omar Welcomes QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene to Congress

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar on Friday welcomed to Congress Marjorie Taylor Greene—a Republican businesswoman who supports the far-right conspiracy theory QAnon, has a history of racist comments, and won a House seat in Georgia earlier this month—by offering some advice.

In response to Greene dragging up the unfounded Internet rumor that Omar married her brother, the congresswoman said, "Looks like the crazy lady has logged on."

"I know things might be different where you come from," Omar added to Taylor, "but you have to get off the looney train now that you are in Congress."


Omar is not playing nice with the lunatic fringe of Republicans.

Hoyer on Trump election challenges: 'I think this borders on treason'

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) on Thursday said President Trump's efforts to persuade Republican officials to reverse election results in key battleground states “borders on treason.”

“He is undermining the very essence of democracy, which is: You go to the poll, you vote and the people decide,” Hoyer told The Washington Post. “There’s no doubt that the people decided.”

“I think this borders on treason,” the Maryland Democrat added.


Strong, needed language.

Trump TV on Newsmax after he leaves office?


Kasich is full of shit. He's telling us not to demonize one another while trashing Progressives

as the Far Left.

No thanks for the memories, now Get The Fuck Out!


After watching Trump's presser all I can say is, What A Loser!!

Anyone know what the popular vote total is?


Definition of psephology
: the scientific study of elections

Psephology is from the Greek word psēphos, meaning "pebble." (One relative of psephology is psephomancy, meaning "divination by pebbles." Psephology merited election as the name for the work of analysts of elections, or psephologists, because pebbles were used by the ancient Greeks in voting. Similarly, the word ballot was an excellent choice for a means of voting since it is derived from balla, the Italian word for "ball," and Italians placed balls in a container to cast votes

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