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Member since: Sun Dec 11, 2011, 01:10 PM
Number of posts: 651

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I served on one jury duty and I'm a spanking newbie!

I just joined DU 2 days ago, no star and made two posts... rec'ed a few and BAM! Jury duty. So I did my patriotic duty and it was an iffy case.. turned out I was in majority and felt a bit more a part of the community. Prolly a good thing eh?

Yup...they changed history and will continue to. N/T

Bloomberg Quarterly Poll favors Obama!

Global investors, skeptical about President Barack Obama ’s ability to turn around the economy, nonetheless aren’t enamored with the Republican alternatives.

While a plurality of investors said Obama’s re-election would be a bad thing for U.S. markets, 57 percent said in a Bloomberg Global Poll that the current contenders for the Republican presidential nomination aren’t offering good ideas to lessen U.S. economic woes.


Gridlock between Democrats and Republicans is a “substantial” barrier to U.S. economic growth, said 56 percent of global investors, and a “modest” barrier, according to an additional 28 percent.


So much for what Bloomberg really wants to say... It's a very worthwhile read with lots of surprising numbers!
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