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Just saw this on Quora!

What would you do if you ran into Barack Obama?
Ron Wagner
Ron Wagner, I met Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 41 & Trump.
Answered 18h ago
I’d tell him that I used to be a pilot in the Presidential Wing at Andrews and that my flying career led me to shake hands with and fly six US Presidents but that of all of them I am absolutely THRILLED to shake hands with my seventh one because he’s the one I admire the most.

I’d say I really miss having him as POTUS. Really. Really. Really. Miss him and the class that he brought to our whole country.
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LOL too funny. Opinion piece on Drumph by Harretz (Israeli newspaper)

Here's a couple paragraphs...

Stupidity is one of the more easily accessible and widespread explanations for Trump’s behavior. It’s no coincidence, of course, that his election resurrected the futuristic cult classic “Idiocracy’ about a dumbed down America that chooses a loutish porn actor as president. It’s true that Trump has claimed in the past that his IQ is much higher than that of Obama or of comedian John Stewart, but in that case, he’s doing an excellent job of concealing his intelligence, as his visit this week to Puerto Rico showed.

Some people ascribe Trump’s behavior in such events to obnoxious racism rather than stupidity. Prejudice and racial stereotypes are such a prominent feature of his personality, they maintain, that he just can’t keep them under lock. He has described himself as ‘the least racist person ever,” but since he launched his presidential run by describing Mexican immigrants as rapists and murderers, Trump has described Puerto Ricans as lazy, Muslims as wannabe terrorists, African-Americans as thugs, Jews as proficient with money and women as inferior sexual objects. It’s only among neo-Nazis, apparently, that Trump has found “some fine people.”

The rest is just as interesting. Lots more at https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/1.815879
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