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Ron Obvious

Profile Information

Name: Ron
Gender: Male
Home country: Middle Earth
Current location: Seattle
Member since: Tue Dec 13, 2011, 11:37 PM
Number of posts: 6,031

About Me

I got the nickname Ron Obvious because -- in addition to being a huge Python fan -- my name really is Ron and I used to start sentences with \"Obviously\" a lot. Obviously, that\'s no longer a problem.

Journal Archives

I was awakened by a terrific banging...

It's that time of year again here in the Pacific Northwest. That time of year when simple, honest homeowners such as yours truly are terrorised from slumber by Irony Metalpecker and his headbanging pals. How can such a small bird, the flicker, produce so much noise? I'm not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that it quite literally sounds like somebody is trying to break into the house through the roof with a jackhammer. If they were just woodpeckers, I think I could live with it, but what's attracting them to the noisy, metal parts of the roof?

Why don't they have headaches all the time?

Literature in 6 words

For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never worn. -- Attributed to Hemingway.

Isn't that great? There's a whole arc of human emotions in just 6 words.

A slightly longer horror story:

The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door...

Fans of the TV series Lost -- a question

I haven't watched TV as such for decades, but sometimes I binge-watch a series that was popular many years earlier, 2,or 3 episodes a night, every night. I've done the X-files, Twin Peaks, Rome and several more that way. I recommend this approach to anyone who doesn't care about watercooler conversations about last night's TV show.

I'm currently on to episode 3, series 2 of 'Lost'. I enjoyed the first series, especially the "don't tell me what I can't do" episode. I don't think most of the characters are all that strongly written though, appearing to be mostly a bag of stock characters with a little pat story attached explaining how they got that way. That's OK. The story is what's kept me watching so far. But I'm ready to throw in the towel.

I'm enough of a veteran of shows like the Twilight Zone that I have strong suspicions that either the survivors of the plane crash are living in the afterlife, or they are the only survivors of humanity in a world destroyed by a nuclear holocaust or something like that. No spoilers, though, please!

I'm slowly beginning to suspect something about the writers of this show:

I think they're making it up as they're going along.

Look, I don't need everything explained to me. I like ambiguities and mystery, and I enjoy David Lynch films. That's not it.

I get the impression that the writing sessions for this show went like this:

"Hey Fred, you know what would be really cool? A numbers station in a bunker on the island with no apparent entrance or egress!"

"That's beautiful, Charlie. I'm still trying to come up with an explanation for that damn polar bear we had in the first series. Any ideas?"

"Ah, just don't worry about it. That polar bear was awesome and the viewers just think it meant something that they can't figure out if we don't bother explaining it. It'll make the show edgy."

The bunker WAS interesting. Number stations ARE interesting. But what's with this contrivance of having to hit that number sequence every 108 minutes? Nobody in all that time figured out how to write a program simulating some keypresses every hour and a half? I mean, what's the point anyway? Why make someone do that? And with all the millions spent on the place, didn't they think a few backup Apple II's might be a good idea?

I get the feeling the writers were veteran D&D game masters who stocked their dungeons randomly with vicious monsters living next to other vicious monsters in adjacent dungeon rooms, whose only purpose was to guard the treasure and be killed by the player characters, without worrying about the overall narrative.

Oh, and now there was this great big damn side door the whole time and the guy could've gotten out at any time? What's the point of the sealed tower entrance then? And why is there a window?

I turned it off in disgust.

My question is this: There are several more seasons of this and before I invest any more time in this series, I want to know if there is going to be a rewarding and interesting story here, or is it all going to be like this?

Thanks in advance! Not looking to start an argument about your favourite show, honestly!

A question about colour blindness...

The most common form of colour blindness is the inability to distinguish red and green. When I first heard about this condition in school, I asked if people with this condition see both colours as what we call 'red', what we call 'green', or something else entirely. Obviously you can't ask them -- how would they know?

At age 10, I stumped my teacher with that question. I just realised that I'm now comfortably in middle age and I still don't know the answer.

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