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Ron Obvious

Profile Information

Name: Ron
Gender: Male
Home country: Middle Earth
Current location: Seattle
Member since: Tue Dec 13, 2011, 11:37 PM
Number of posts: 5,983

About Me

I got the nickname Ron Obvious because -- in addition to being a huge Python fan -- my name really is Ron and I used to start sentences with \"Obviously\" a lot. Obviously, that\'s no longer a problem.

Journal Archives

List of restricted things on US network TV and Airline TV

Found this while cleaning up a hard drive. I don't have a source, and google only reveals it being quoted on a French website, so I can't vouch for the accuracy. Still, I thought it was interesting.

The following is to be used as a guide only. It is not possible to include every visual or language restriction, and we must rely on the discretion and common sense of the producer, director and/or editor to ensure necessary coverage. If an action or word is questionable, please cover, replace or delete it for the airline or television version.

Visual and Audio Restrictions
• airplane crashes/mechanical problems/airline names or logos (for airline versions only)
• Explosions and fiery visuals need to be trimmed and the audio needs to be softened for airline
• nudity - both front and back (derrieres, G-strings and pasties are also not acceptable)
• female nipples (exposed or visible through clothing)
• fornication/coitus position/pelvic thrusts/humping/bumping and grinding
• fondling of breasts/groin
• kiddie porn
• “snuff” porn
• bestiality
• masturbation
• defecation
• urination
• flipping the bird/traditional arm gesture/masturbation gesture
• grabbing one’s parts/genitals/breasts and derriere
• gratuitious violence/blood/squibs
• Dead bodies with eyes open
• impact of bullets/knives/multiple bullet/knife wounds
• injections where you can see the needle entering the body/sharp objects penetrating bodies
• humans and animals on fire/electrocuted
• slamming humans and animals into/through glass or into objects
• kicking or beating of humans and animals
• severe injuries to humans/animals (e.g. car running over body)
• product identification (e.g. repeated shots or close-ups of Coke bottle, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes box, etc.) (Networks TV only)
• Cigarette smoking (ABC only)
• Quoting of non-fact-based statistics. (Network TV only)
• Practical jokes/imitable behavior. (ABC & NBC only)
• The only telephone numbers which are cleared for broadcast are 555-0100 through 555-0199.
• Visuals of World Trade Center, planes flying low/approaching buildings. Audio references to WTC or 9/11. (Airline only; ABC not currently allowing WTC visuals)

Language Restrictions

• any verbal references to plane crashes/airplanes in jeopardy (airline only)
• fuck (and all derivatives)/motherfucker/frigging/fricking/hitting skins/laid/get laid/bang/tapping ass/knockin’ boots/jump your bones/ball/bang
• wanker
• screw/screwed (in a sexual connotation)
• shit/scheist/crap/bullshit/bullspit/b.s./doo-doo/turd/take a dump
• Goddamn/Goddarn (“damn” is not usually acceptable to networks if it’s a “family film”)
• Jesus/Christ/Jesus Christ (When used as an expletive)
• bitch/son of a bitch/s.o.b.
• bastard
• piss/pissant/pissworm/pissing/pissed off/whiz/squirt/pee (not always acceptable)/take a leak
• come/cum/coming/orgasm/cream/jizz
• fag/faggot/queen/fairy/dyke/pansy/bull dyke/butch/pillow biter/fudge packer/rump ranger/cocksucker
• cunt/pussy/beaver/punany/poon tang/booty/boot/cootch/cherry/break the cherry/honey pot/snatch/fur/pink/monkey print/clitoris
• on the rag/on the plug
• prick/pecker/cock/cocksucker/dick/jimmy/tool/johnson/schlong/meat/putz/beef
• schmuck
• balls/cojones/nuts/chewing my eggs off
• ass/asshole/jackass/butt cheeks/butt crack/up my Lincoln Tunnel/cocoa factory/Hershey highway/brown-noser
• hot between the legs/moist between the legs/wet/juicy
• whore/slut
• nigger/schvartze/kike/chink/spic (and any other derogatory ethnic slurs)
• pubic hair
• dildo
• scumbag
• fart/cut one/cut the cheese
• tits/boobs/bloarts/knockers/hooters/nipples/nips
• masturbate/ejaculate/jerk off/jack off/jack me off/hand job/blow job/suck off/eat out/eat me/wax me
• 69/rimming
• erection/boner/hard-on/hump/ramrod/lube job/in deep
• hose gobbler/suck it/lick it/muff diver
• mouthing of profanities (fill with audible replacements)

Please note that any profanity spoken in a foreign language will also need coverage, as will profanity in subtitles.


Airline/TV ADR should be chosen carefully to fit lip movements and/or the context of the scene. The following are some suggested replacement words that are commonly used for TV ADR. Please contact Post Production Services (310-244-8914) if you need other suggestions or have any questions.

• fuck/fucking - damn, freak/freaking, very, fudge, fine (screw, frigging and fricking are not acceptable replacements)
• fucker – fella, fool, freak
• motherfucker - motherfool, motherlover, my brother, brother, punk, mother, mean freak/fella
• motherfuckin’ - motherlovin’
• goddamn – damn, dagnab, gosh-darn
• shit - stuff, squat, great, damn, no (“shoot” is not usually acceptable)
• Jesus - Jeez, gee, yeesh,
• Jesus Christ - Judas Priest, gee whiz, this is nuts, this is great, this is crazy, very nice, holy cow, I could cry, I could die, this is sad
• Christ - great
• bitch - brat, broad, babe, biddy, beast, mean (“witch” is not usually an acceptable replacement)
• son of a bitch - son of a gun/bum/buzzard, I don’t believe it
• bastard – monster, buzzard, bratty, bozo, beer keg, butthead, bully, butcher
• piss – pee, go, break
• pissed - ticked, mad, miffed
• pissed off - ticked off, put off
• orgasm - good time
• homo - honey, homosexual, gay
• fag/dyke - gay
• dick - jerk, dork, pig
• prick - pain, jerk, punk, pal
• balls - chops, guts, brains, bones
• blow me - kick me (“bite me” and “eat me” not acceptable)
• asshole - airhead, jerk, loser, armpit, animal, idiot, psycho
• ass - rear, neck, keyster, hide, skin, nose, schnozz, ear, butt, arm, face, behind, bod, head, tush
• whore - harlot, witch, tramp
• slut - tramp, slave
• nigger - brother
• peckerhead - peabrain, pinhead
• dickhead - pinhead
• booty - baby
• hittin’ skins - gettin’ down, having sex
• jerkoff - jerk, jerkhead, jughead
• scumbag/douchebag/dickwad - dirtbag, dummy, dumb guy, scum
• shut the fuck up - shut your mouth up
• cocksucker – con artist, crazy jerk, conehead
• bullshit - bull, bogus, nonsense, baloney, bull session, business
• bollocks – buttocks
• cunt – cow, chick, crone, git (for British films)

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