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Ron Obvious

Profile Information

Name: Ron
Gender: Male
Home country: Middle Earth
Current location: Seattle
Member since: Tue Dec 13, 2011, 10:37 PM
Number of posts: 6,065

About Me

I got the nickname Ron Obvious because -- in addition to being a huge Python fan -- my name really is Ron and I used to start sentences with \"Obviously\" a lot. Obviously, that\'s no longer a problem.

Journal Archives

The Charley Project - profiles of over 13,000 "cold case" missing people.

The Charley Project profiles over 13,000 “cold case” missing people mainly from the United States. It does not actively investigate cases; it is merely a publicity vehicle for missing people who are often neglected by the press and forgotten all too soon. A person must have been missing for at least one year to be listed; see the FAQ for additional information on the site, its goals, and its founder/administrator.


This is very interesting: an amazing catalogue of human tragedies, implied or explicit.

The only case I'm personally familiar with is in there: a young woman who disappeared nearly 30 years ago from my workplace. She was declared legally dead 7 years later and her husband was arrested for her murder 3 years after that, despite her body never having been found. He's currently doing essentially life. I don't know what evidence convicted him 10 years after her disappearance without a body, but there seems little doubt that he's guilty.

I remember we formed search parties to look for her car and we did find it, but no trace of the woman herself.

I hadn't thought about that case in a really long time.
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