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Ron Obvious

Profile Information

Name: Ron
Gender: Male
Home country: Middle Earth
Current location: Seattle
Member since: Tue Dec 13, 2011, 10:37 PM
Number of posts: 6,065

About Me

I got the nickname Ron Obvious because -- in addition to being a huge Python fan -- my name really is Ron and I used to start sentences with \"Obviously\" a lot. Obviously, that\'s no longer a problem.

Journal Archives

I'm a rebel just for kicks now

When I heard this song for the first time, I could have sworn it's an old song I heard decades ago. Well, that could be because it samples "Wait a minute Mr. Postman". Or maybe it's the reference to 1966. ETA: It's from 2017

An oldie: the engineering flowchart

Psychics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

John Oliver is a genuinely funny man. A bit of an old, stale topic for us in here, but maybe worth it for the entertainment value

I've never seen anything like this before: substituted goalkeeper refuses to come off.

Near the end of yesterday's league cup final between Chelsea and Manchester City, with the score at 0-0 and inevitably headed for penalties, the Chelsea manager wants to substitute his keeper and replace him with a presumably better shot stopper, but his keeper absolutely refuses to come off. He stays on, and promptly loses the penalty shootout.

What an outrageous act of insubordination! I've seen players refuse to come on, but never one refusing to come off. How's this even legal?

If I were the Chelsea manager, this keeper would never play for me again, but there are complications: The keeper cost $70 million pounds and the manager is almost certainly on the way out anyway. If the manager resigns instead of being fired, he'd be out the rest of his contract. Still, you can't let this sort of thing go on, can you?

The Two Ronnies: Dr. Death

I always knew Biff Tannen was based on Trump...

Your Chase Credit Card Payment is Due

Yes, I know, you bastards; I just paid it three days ago! Why can't your programmers figure this out and not send out this alert?!

I know... I know... First world problems, but multiply this by several bank accounts who also feel the need to inform me that my statement is now available (who fucking cares?) and my inbox is getting increasingly clogged with annoying nags.

Every utility or company I deal with apparently expects me to go their mybollocks.com page to check in, read reports, and do things.

Oh, and newsletters. Don't get me started on those.

Sorry, rant off.

About those "smart" speakers and digital assistants...

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