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Member since: Wed Dec 14, 2011, 04:43 PM
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Inside USA - The Other Hawaii

Jubilee pageant; the royal flotilla (Graphic language)

Telling it how it is

American jobs for American workers?

Controversial, Racist, meaningless and a slogan normally associated with the Right.

Whats your view?

In Afghanistan have soldiers died in vain?

George Galloway’s comments on Afghanistan during a Bradford West by-election debate have been branded “shameful, derogatory and out-of-touch”.

Speaking during the televised debate with six of the candidates, Mr Galloway said he believed British soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan “died in vain”./////////

During the debate Mr Galloway said: “The idea that we should stay and shed more blood because of the blood we have already shed is simply ridiculous. They have died in vain. They shouldn’t have been sent there. They were sent there to their deaths by Tony Blair and George W Bush and the Tories and the Liberals are keeping them there.”//////

listening to a debate from George Galloway before his win in Bradford. where he said the British soldiers died in vain.
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