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Member since: Thu Dec 15, 2011, 12:55 AM
Number of posts: 204

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KKK Rears Its Ugly Hood in Austin, Plans An Anti-Immigrant Million Klan March

Source: Burnt Orange Report

The KKK, emboldened by “racial tension,” is seizing the opportunity to increase recruitment. They’re so confident in their message they found themselves dropping recruitment literature in liberal South Austin. There is a Texas-based Knights group that is planning events across the state including a “White Man March”...

Read more: http://www.burntorangereport.com/diary/30962/kkk-rears-its-ugly-hood-in-austin-as-anti-immigrant-rhetoric-hits-fever-pitch

Donald Trump Grows Tired Of Rick Perry Using Him For Free Airtime

Maybe for the first time ever Donald Trump is speechless!

“Politics is showbiz for ugly people”...

Texas Nationalists Capitalize On Jade Helm, Push Independence Vote On GOP Ballot

In an act of coincidental genius (maybe), Texas Nationalists have launched a statewide “Take Texas Back” tour to gather signatures for “a referendum on Texas independence” to be placed on the 2016 Republican Primary ballot. The move comes right in the midst of right wing fears of an Obama takeover through the military exercise Jade Helm 15, and anger over resent Supreme Court decisions....


3 Marijuana Reform Bills Pass Out of Texas House Committees

Cannabis is big business, but whose business it is depends on where you live. Four states, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia have turned it into a valuable cash crop and tourism industry, while many more have allowed for its compassionate use for medical purposes.

In Texas, which talks a big freedom and liberty game, the profits still flow to the hands of cartels and black market entrepreneurs while sick patients beg politicians to allow their doctors to grant relief.

Those working for change in the Lone Star State got a glimmer of hope as....


Jade Helm 15 Hysteria Exposes Alex Jones-Greg Abbott Billionaire Connection

VIDEO: http://www.burntorangereport.com/diary/30037/jade-helm-15-alex-jones-greg-abbott-billionaire-connection

The national and state media has focused a lot of attention on Governor Greg Abbott for giving legs to an otherwise going nowhere conspiracy theory that the special forces exercise Jade Helm 15 was about preparing for Obama’s impending Martial Law.

The media has down played such theories, President Obama’s spokesperson laughed it off, and GOP ‘RINOs‘ have chimed in on how embarrassing the episode is for their party — all the more reason for real liberty-loving conservatives to be leary, right?

That’s where Alex Jones comes in...

Rebels Roused By 13yr Old’s Plan to Rename “Confederate Heroes’ Day”

In 1973 the Texas Legislature decided to combine the birthdays of two Confederate war icons, Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee, into one holiday called “Confederate Heroes’ Day.”

This year that state holiday coincided with the federal holiday “Martin Luther King Jr. Day.” To a lot of folks, that just doesn’t sit well, including Jacob Hale, an 8th grader and constituent of Austin state representative Donna Howard.

Jacob told KVUE that, “it’s ironic that we celebrate MLK Day, where we’re supposed to be celebrating racial progress and the fight for equality, but then also we have ‘Confederate Heroes Day’ which acknowledges the men who fought for slavery as ‘heroes.’”


Senator’s “Religious Freedom” Bill Would Protect Sharia Law In Texas

"...the events during Texas Muslim Capitol Day and the fact that there has been an uptick in online impressions regarding the practice of Sharia Law in Texas, left me asking if Campbell’s law, which was surely thought up as a defense in the “war on Christianity,” would also serve to protect other minority religious practices. And of course the answer is, “Yes.”"


VIDEO: Open carry advocate threatens Capitol staff

Today the 84th Legislature started out with a bang as open carry gun advocates armed with petition signatures refused to leave a representative’s office after he did not agree to support their cause.

After the representative told the gun advocates they should look elsewhere for support they became verbally hostile asking him if he was aware of the 2nd Amendment and calling him a “tyrant to the constitution,” at which point he asked them to leave. When they refused he threatened to get DPS involved, then one of the offenders stuck his foot in the door to prevent it from closing, ensuring he got a couple more snarky jabs in before being entirely shut out.

“What are you going to do touch me or something? That’d be one wrong move bro,” an open carry advocate could be heard saying after he was shuffled out the door.



Wendy Davis Can Beat Greg Abbott By Just Turning Out Obama Voters

Yes, that’s right, despite the GOP’s attempt to tie Wendy Davis to Barack Obama he has gotten more votes in the Lone Star State than Greg Abbott ever has — and if Wendy can replicate that effort she will win.


BREAKING: Michelle Obama Endorses Wendy Davis In New Radio Ad

Source: Burnt Orange Report

Today Senator Wendy Davis released a radio ad featuring Michelle Obama that will begin running this week. The First Lady gave her nod to Davis for making education the top priority of her campaign.

Read more: http://www.burntorangereport.com/diary/19924/breaking-michelle-obama-endorses-wendy-davis-new-radio-ad

You can hear the ad at the link.
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