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Zalatix's Journal
Zalatix's Journal
September 2, 2012

Chinese man mails himself to his girlfriend and nearly suffocates


To celebrate his girlfriend's birthday, Hu Seng, from Chongqing city, thought it would be a nice surprise if he mailed himself - yes, his physical self - to his girlfriend.

First a warning.

This romantic gesture by a Chinese man to his girlfriend described below may make women around the globe swoon.

To celebrate his girlfriend's birthday, Hu Seng, from Chongqing city, thought it would be a nice surprise if he mailed himself - yes, his physical self - to his girlfriend.

Undoubtedly, upon arrival he would pop out of the box and kiss her in front of friends who were in the know.

Things didn't work out so well........
September 2, 2012

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's campaign theme song. Sorry, Linkin Park.

To all Linkin Park fans: Quick! Before you scroll down and click the link... which song am I referring to?

September 2, 2012

I love this banner ad on DU by the OPSEC idiots.

"National security leaks hurt special operationSS"


There's misspelling, and then there's fuckups like that.

September 2, 2012

What is the strategic feasibility of Democrats helping Ron Paul in Republican states/districts?

Republicans have done this to us... so why not do it to them?

I'm thinking Ron Paul has lots of followers in Texas... would it be a winning strategy to hard sell him to Republicans there? Ron Paul is on the ticket in Texas, is he not?

If we can split the GOP vote in Texas then Obama walks to home plate in this election. Win Texas, win the election...

September 2, 2012

"Is the Fed Private or Public?" Perhaps this can clarify a little bit?


It's a decentralized central bank, inside the government and independent from it.

On Wednesday, the Explainer described why the U.S. Federal Reserve happened to have $85 billion lying around to bail out American International Group. By Thursday afternoon, our inbox was deluged with e-mails asking why we made the Fed sound like a government agency by using the terms "Fed" and "government" interchangeably in reference to the AIG loan deal. Wait a minute: Is the Federal Reserve public or private?

It's neither. From one perspective, the Fed looks like a public institution: Congress created it in 1913 to maintain the stability of the financial system; the president appoints, and the Senate confirms, the members of its Board of Governors; and it's not out to make a profit—after taking care of expenses, the Fed hands off its earnings to the Treasury. Furthermore, the details of its responsibilities are subject to congressional oversight. Still, the Fed is rightly classified as an independent central bank. Neither the executive branch nor the legislature gets a direct say in its decision-making, and it pays for its own operations (primarily by acquiring U.S. government securities on the open market). In short, the Fed is an independent entity within the government.

The Fed is organized like a federation—there's a central governing agency in Washington, D.C., and 12 regional banks scattered across the country. These 12 banks issue shares of stock to thousands of private member banks, including institutions like the Deutsche Bank Trust Co. of America and the Gotham Bank of New York. But regional bank membership isn't like owning stock in Coca-Cola. The member banks are not allowed to sell or trade their shares, which produce dividends at a fixed rate of 6 percent. And they must invest 3 percent of their capital in the Federal Reserve Banks.
September 1, 2012

And now it's the Democratic Party's turn.

No apparent bump came for Robbedme and Eddie Munster Ryan from the convention. No apparent dip came for President Obama.

What I would start with, for the Democratic Convention:

Get all the hardhatters, caterers, electricians, sound stage personnel, and every blue and white collar working class person who helped build the facility and also those who helped set up the convention, get them together at the start of the convention and say

"These working class people built this. America was not built by corporations and CEOs. It was built by the working class men and women."

(Since Steve Jobs is dead) "Bill Gates didn't build Microsoft by himself. He needed the help of schools who educated him, and thousands of workers who wrote the code for Windows. He needed sales staff to sell it, and without the internet, which was funded by the Government, there would have been no such thing as e-commerce."

"America, you built that."

August 31, 2012

Why do leftists let other people physically bully them around???

These people weren't even cops. They were Rmoney drones.

What, is it illegal now to push back when someone pushes you???


When protesters from immigration and LGBT rights groups spoke up at a rally for the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan presidential campaign Friday, video showed them quickly getting shouted down and shoved away from the event by Romney supporters.

The demonstration, organized by the DRM Capitol Group, Presente.org and the Get Equal campaign, attacked Romney’s opposition to both the DREAM Act, which would give undocumented immigrants a way to earn permanent citizenship through either good academic performance or joining the U.S. military, and same sex marriage.

“Romney claims that this is a country of immigrants but he wants us to self-deport and he would veto the DREAM Act,” the DRM Capitol Group said in a release. “Those fighting for a more equal America are facing obstruction from a similar cast of characters, led by Mitt Romney. It’s clear that the same people who are perpetrating the war on LGBT Americans are also perpetrating the war on immigrants.”

The DRM group said on its website that its government relations director, Erika Andiola, and an unidentified priest with Get Equal were “roughed up” during the event.

In the short video, protesters chanting at Romney and Ryan from the crowd are first confronted by a white male in a red shirt before another man, wearing a cowboy hat, pushes into them, as the pro-Romney audience starts chanting “USA! USA!” to drown them out.

August 29, 2012

I ask again, what does the Democratic Party stand for?


Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York has accepted an invitation to deliver the closing prayer at the Democratic National Convention next week, following through on a promise he made when accepting the same role at the Republican convention.

His appearance before the Democrats in Charlotte, N.C., which was announced on Tuesday by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, may lead to one of the most intriguing tableaus of this convention season.

Cardinal Dolan, an opponent of abortion and same-sex marriage who is among the Catholic bishops suing the Obama administration over its contraception health care mandate, will bless a gathering of thousands of delegates who passionately disagree with him.

Please tell me we don't stand for slapping women and GLBT citizens in the face with a $2 million Cathedral building's cornerstone?
August 29, 2012

Has anyone met a right-to-lifer who has a problem with Todd Akin, or Rush Limbaugh

or (aside from their view on abortion) went out and protested the post-Fluke escalation in the war on women?

Does anyone know any pro-choicers who are still voting Republican?

As of an email exchange I had with a pro-choicer tonight... I now know absolutely no one who is pro-choice and Republican. No one. I know they're out there, but their numbers must be shrinking.

August 29, 2012

How many stories of police brutality do we need to hear about before we realize

that the system is in desperate need of fixing from the roots on up?

When gun owners go on a rampage we call for the severe restriction of gun ownership.

What about when cops kill people without justification, and they get away with it? When do we start calling for them to be disarmed?

Of course this is hardly an adequate solution to deal with all the nutcase psychopaths we have infesting our nation's law enforcement system, but it's a start.

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