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morningfog's Journal
morningfog's Journal
January 31, 2016

(Perhaps) Overlooked in yesterday's news: State did release 2,000 emails

After a Hillary email release, we usually see reports on a few of the emails, usually silly stuff. Perhaps the news that State was withholding some documents due to their current classification overshadowed the content of the actually released emails. Or, maybe there wasn't anything newsworthy in this tranche. Regardless, here is a link to yesterday's release:


It is really fascinating reading. Daily itinerary of a head of state, approving of military personnel to attend a meeting in Mali, notice of the hearing for her replacement, concerns with Karzai, etc., etc. Anyone interested in the daily function at the upper level of government would enjoy reading these emails. I've only read through a few dozen and found it interesting. Hillary does seem to use at least two different emails at the @clintone.com server, which I assume has been discussed previously.

5,000 more to go and State will have satisfied the court order. Those were due yesterday, but State said those emails will not be ready until late February.

January 29, 2016

And there are STILL more shoes to drop in Hillary's email "mistake."

State moved for another extension on the final release of emails. Some 5,000 have not yet been better by other agencies for release. They will not be released until well after Iowa and NH and perhaps NV.

Then there are the 30,000 emails Hillary refused to share with State, which the FBI has recovered and is reviewing.

Then there is the FBI investigation itself.

She is a huge liability to the party. The story will continue and worsen all year.

Now is our chance to not be saddled with such a damaged and vulnerable candidate.

January 29, 2016

Sanders knocks Clinton for changing positions on Iraq and other key issues

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders on Thursday ratcheted up his criticism of Hillary Clinton, suggesting she had bent to the political winds on a series of key issues, including the Iraq war, same-sex marriage, trade agreements and proposed oil pipeline.

“It is great to be against the war after you vote for the war,” the Vermont senator said sarcastically during a campaign stop here.

He was referring to Clinton’s 2002 vote as a senator from New York to authorize the use of force in Iraq, a vote she later characterized as a mistake.

Iraq was just one of several issues on which Sanders said he had been “boringly consistent.” With the Iowa caucuses just four days off, he urged an enthusiastic crowd of more than 800 people to “check the record” and “find out where my opponent was.”

Besides highlighting his own opposition to the Iraq war, Sanders touted his vote against the Defense of Marriage Act, a measure signed into law in 1996, when Bill Clinton was in the White House and Sanders was a member of the House of Representatives.

The law defined marriage for federal purposes as between one man and one woman and allowed states to refuse to recognize same-sex unions granted under the laws of other states.

“It is great to be for gay rights after you insult the entire gay community by supporting DOMA,” Sanders said.

Hillary Clinton, who was first lady at the time, argued in a television interview last fall that her husband had signed the law as a “defensive action” to shut down momentum at the time toward writing a ban of same-sex marriages into the U.S. Constitution.

While many gay-rights activists have disputed that interpretation, Hillary Clinton was recently endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest gay-rights lobby, for the Democratic nomination.

Sanders also pointed to his history of opposing trade agreements, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a deal being pushed by President Obama that Clinton spoke out against months after Sanders announced his position.

more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/01/28/sanders-knocks-clinton-for-changing-positions-on-iraq-and-other-key-issues/

January 27, 2016

Sanders calls for a series of more debates in states such as "Illinois, Ohio, California, New York"

. . .in recent months, Sanders has surged in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, leaving Clinton seeking ways to push back. She has even agreed to participate in an unsanctioned Democratic debate on Feb. 4 in New Hampshire, planned by the state's Union Leader and MSNBC.

The Sanders campaign, however, won't commit to appearing in the debate, citing the Democratic National Committee's exclusion clause: Any candidate who appears in an unsanctioned debate will be barred from future debates. The DNC has declined to sanction the Feb. 4 debate.

“I just spoke to Debbie Wasserman Schultz this evening and my hope is that the three candidates can sit down with the DNC and develop a series of debates to give the American people a better opportunity to judge which candidate they want to support,” he said.

While the DNC is unlikely to exclude all three candidates from future debates, Sanders added that he does not want to commit to an ad hoc schedule of debates set by networks.

“As I have said from day one I want to see debates. I love debates. I think it’s good for the Democratic party, I think it’s good for the people of this country, but you’ve got to do it in a rational way, you just can’t do it because some network says this and some network says that,” Sanders said. “I would hope that in the very short future we can develop a series of debates, and I think ... Illinois, Ohio, California, New York state are some of the states we might want to be looking at.”

January 27, 2016

Just as with Obama. If you can beat the Clinton Machine, you can beat the Republicans

The Clinton Machine is unmatched in its competitiveness, ambition and willingness to smear it's opponent into the ground.

If a candidate can win the national primary against the Clinton Machine, they can handle the general election and the Republican Machine.

All the lamenting that Sanders is un-electable in the general are moot points. If he wins this primary, he can win the general. If he loses the primary, he won't be a candidate in the fall.

January 26, 2016

Given the choice between paying taxes or an insurance company, I will

proudly choose taxes.

And not just that. I will proudly and happily pay my share of taxes to ensure equity of access to healthcare, education, employment, safe utilities and infrastructure.

Rising tides lift all boats and tax cuts sink us all. We can't be a healthy progressive and secure country on the cheap. Of you take that route we get collapsing bridges and poisoned water.

Healthcare is a human right. We the People have to fund and protect that right.

Education is a human right. A living wage is a human right. Safe utilities are a human right. None of it comes free.

I proudly stand with Bernie Sanders for respecting us enough to be honest and direct. And you all know he is right.

January 24, 2016

What role or position would David Brock have in a Hillary Administration?

What position would Hillary give to her number one hit man, the right wing shit fuck Brock, if she were to win?

She supports, condones and coordinate with him now. He does a lot of her dirty work for her. How will she reward her go to guy?

What position in the Executive would like to see him have?

January 22, 2016

Bernie Sanders Gets Group Endorsements When Members Decide; Hillary Clinton When Leaders Decide

In the war for endorsements in the Democratic presidential primary, there is a clear trend.

Every major union or progressive organization that let its members have a vote endorsed Bernie Sanders.

Meanwhile, all of Hillary Clinton’s major group endorsements come from organizations where the leaders decide. And several of those endorsements were accompanied by criticisms from members about the lack of a democratic process.

It’s perhaps the clearest example yet of Clinton’s powerful appeal to the Democratic Party’s elite, even as support for Sanders explodes among the rank and file.

* * *

For example, Clinton got an endorsement from the Human Rights Campaign this week. That decision was made not by a vote of HRC’s membership list but instead by a 32-member executive board that includes Mike Berman, the president of a lobbying firm that works for Pfizer, Comcast, and the health insurance lobby. Northrup Grumman is among its list of major corporate sponsors.

* * *

While all four major organizations that held membership votes endorsed Sanders, two that did not hold open membership votes also endorsed him: the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) and National Nurses United.

Sanders was endorsed by MoveOn with 78 percent of voters choosing him; in the Democracy for America vote, he won nearly 88 percent; and 87 percent of Working Families Party voters chose Sanders.


Good chart at link.

January 22, 2016

We should be kind to Hillary supporters

Most of them supported her in 2008. The past month has been triggering for them. They know Hillary is a nasty and poor campaigner when under pressure. They remember how badly she plans for the future. They have watched her arrogance and hubris lead her to defeat.

Those painful memories are coming back. The hurt they felt when an upstart stole her nomination from her. It stung. It was my supposed to happen again. It was really her turn this time.

They've waited 8 years and this time should have been easy.

January 20, 2016

TIMELINE of significant upcoming Primary events

February 1 - Iowa caucuses (46 pledged delegates at stake)
February 9 - New Hampshire primary (24)

February 11 - Democratic Primary DEBATE in Wisconsin, moderated by Gwen Ifil and Judy Woodruff of PBS

February 20 - Nevada caucuses (31)
February 27 - South Carolina primary (51)

March 1 - SUPER TUESDAY - 11 states plus American Samoa (847 total pledged delegates at stake)

March 5 - LA, NB, KS (113)
March 6 - Maine (25)
March 8 - MS, MI (169)

March 9 - LAST Democratic Primary DEBATE in Florida, hosted by Washington Post and Univison

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