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Poverty in Kansas

Some fear rules cast poor families adrift

from Kansas City Star, Sunday, Jan. 6, 2013



These days, the notion occupying many who advocate for Kansas’ poor is that less than three miles away, near the Capitol dome, government officials led by Gov. Sam Brownback are making “getting out,” rising out of poverty, all the more difficult.

In private anonymity, fearing retribution from the state agencies that help fund their programs, those advocates use terms like “mean,” “heartless” and “vindictive” to describe the selective chipping away at policies designed to help the needy.

Welcome to Kochtopia.


your statement is still false. Restating a falsehood does not make it true. Those twenty kids and six teachers didn't die from Adam Lanza's halitosis. They died of bullets. From a gun with the capacity to fire a lot of bullets rapidly. That's all we need to know. That's what we are going to put an end to. Get out of the way.
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